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Emotions Check-In

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This brief meditation invites the listener to do an emotional check-in; to take a moment, pause, and check in on the emotional state. It is so easy to get caught up in our day and forget that we are a feeling and emotional being, that needs acceptance and compassion.
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Check in more often
Today I learned that I need to check in with myself more. Doing this meditation made me bring my emotions to the present into the forefront of my thoughts and allow me to really recognize them accept them for what they are, my FEELINGS. I'm not typically allowed to have feelings, at least not in my family, so feeling my feelings out there and in your face is a new thing for me but being in my own face about it is a good thing.
Unmute myself to allow me to know more fully what I’m feeling. The more we know, the better we can make our next step decisions. Namaste
Emotion meditation
I felt calm and at peace. I was able to separate myself from what I’m feeling.
Emotional Healing
I’m really starting to heal, I working on that. My emotions have been all over the place in recent years, but I feel the change. The fact that I’m doing this 3 week course that I’ve looked at and said ‘not right now’ to myself, this Morning I said Yes right Now♥️
I learn that there are various emotion in myself. If my emotion is a weather, it is raining with scary ice rain that can harm me at anytime. Further, I am sitting on a cave wide blue white cave, alone in the wide place. I was also feeling so painful because of billy. Please stop being kind to me. But maybe I love him.. because it always feels like I am running a marathon and I never rest. So his kindness really touches my heart, and make me able to relax a little. Soothing the tension. And that’s why I love him. Make me feel safe. But I don’t want to depend on him to feel safe. I want to feel confident and loved unconditionally. Throwing away the media the drama I’ve consumed all this time. I don’t want to be spoiled. I want to be a warrior. I am warrior. Understand that everytime he treats you sweetly, it will create addiction that will harm you in the long run. Because guess what? He is not the one. The one for you at least want to be with you and love your presence unconditionally. Even his expectation to me hurts too.
I was able to calm down, relax, and not be so anxious and tense. The strategy was amazing. It worked! Made me present and in the moment.
At the end of this meditation I gave myself a hug and almost cried tears of happiness. This was a great meditation to start the day, but I can also see myself coming back to it when I need to take a breath. Thank you!
Elizabeth Loose
When I feel something that is “bad” I can just reflect on it and notice that it is there and move on and not let it consume me.
Witnessing Waves
Having the ability to feel deeply enriches our life in so many ways, such as enabling us to connect with others and to take action of some sort. However, a lot of us get so busy that we don’t take the time to check in with our inner landscape. Because of this, we can be at the mercy of how we are feeling in any given moment. In this meditation, we practice observing our emotions without the need to judge or label them good nor bad, pleasant or unpleasant. In this way, we see how emotions act much like waves gathering in the ocean. Settling in, I followed the flow of breath in and the flow of breath out. Doing this brought me immediately to the present. In the present, I am connected to my body and therefore, can explore the sensations I am feeling in my body. I sensed tension in my shoulders and a slight heaviness in my heart. While exploring this slight heaviness, the word frustration came into my mind. Not judging nor labeling this heaviness, I noticed how it gathered, peaked and dissipated over and over again. Each time I witnessed the wave getting smaller and smaller, allowing for space to form between each wave. In this space there was calmness. In this calmness, I gave myself some words of compassion and love. Doing this exercise, I am able to witness any waves that may wash up on the shore of my being. Instead of resisting waves, I allow them to mix with the sand and be transformed by the light of my being. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Just the beginning
I really want to have all the pros meditation and settling down and having some me time can give me, but I don’t want to push anything too much. I want to enjoy this journey and learn as much about me as possible.
11th jan
I learned that I’m alone. Eventually we all are. Also sometimes people withhold responds due to the fact that they are hurt and maybe want you to pay. I learned that my sisters are really there for me
11th jan
I learned that I’m alone. Eventually we all are. Also sometimes people withhold responds due to the fact that they are hurt and maybe want you to pay. I learned that my sisters are really there for me
Day 1 Emotions
I noticed that I couldn’t really identify my emotions. I found myself trying to make up my emotions.
I felt worry about the emotions that I was about to feal at the beginning and finally found myself joyful
I learned that letting go and being aware of the moment without judgement is key
Day 1 emotions
I noticed that my emotions are kind of scattered all over the place. Focusing on breathing helps and I also noticed the word ‘breath’ would help remind to breathe better
Noticing Emotions
I don’t have to judge or label the emotions. Just be aware and notice them.
Day 1
I felt annoyed by the voice and then I felt annoyed at myself for feeling annoyed. And then, when she asked to pay attention to other emotions, I thought about how much anxiety I have about graduation, student loans, debt, the choices I have to make very soon.
I notice that I am afraid to look deeply at my emotions, and what may be sitting there.
I’m feeling really sad and stressed out and alone at the moment
Learning something new
I learned that when you need to find a good place or person for you, you can always try aura because they give you meditations. I also learned that when your emotions rise up in a bad way, aura can help you settle them.
I learned that I can notice the weather inside myself without evaluating whether the weather is good or bad, without having to change it for this moment, and I can just listen to the messages the weather or emotions have for me. After hearing the emotions, they have served their purpose and dissipate!
Another lesson learned!
I learned that my emotions, like sadness for example, are not necessarily good or bad. I need to stop defining them in this way. I need to let them be what they are, and find different ways to learn why I’m feeling that emotion. If I’m sad, why? How can I feel better? What can I do or who can help me navigate the issues that led me to feel sad. What’s the lesson for Karen? 🙏🏼💙🙏🏼💙🙏🏼
Check in
I needed this today. I am exhausted trying to "fix' everything. I need to just be. Everything is perfect right now
I was reminded of what I used to believe so strongly in… that we’re lucky to have such a wide array of feeling. It does separate me from many though. I’m tired of being told to not be who I am. Then I withdraw. Or I get pissed off and want everybody to know THIS IS ME!
Use your breathing to check yourself emotionally!!✌🏾 Search all areas to see what emotions show up for you. Embrace them with no judgment.
Little things are annoying me and frustration is setting in.
My moods and feelings
I can’t worry about things I cannot control. I can only work on myself in positive ways and learn meditation. I know losing my Mum who I cared for twenty yrs has hit me hard and continuing to visit her in hospital I just must take things 1/2 day at a time if I will become too overwhelmed.
I am Scared about my relationship, about losing my bf.
I need to calm down and be a little bit more relaxed with me
My partner has me on edge . She is not capable on saying how she feels unless its out of anger . I love her dearly but she spins my emotions crazy . This really helped to calm them
Only I am responsible for my well being and its ok to feel
I am grieving the loss of my Son. I need to do a lot of work on grounding my emotions.
It’s good and healthy to recognize and rest with my sadness.
Feel now
It’s ok to feel every feeling and I don’t need to hold on so hard in fear of feeling my emotions.
I needed to explore what I am feeling. It was nice to realize I could see the emotions without labels
It’s good for me to feel and look at the circumstances and realize they are what they are but that I’m able to feel a strong emotion attached to it. I’m grateful for what I feel and for the resources and people that are out to make other people feel OK and have a purpose, I do feel a part of a community a collective community and we could all support each other.
Emotions check in:
I did what the coach asked of me. Idk if this app is good or bad for me. I am in check with my emotions and my unresolved trauma. I have C-PTSD and I know I am sad and I know that I am angry at the ppl. and the state police who threatened me, lied to me, and eventually the DA who did the trial for me being a victim of crime. I never ever went this far. My life has been scary since I was little. I was hated by many, and I don’t know why it still is the same today. I know that I pick narcissists bc that is what I grew up around. My best friend has watched almost 2 years of the pain of losing twins in august of 2020, followed by my daughter who has sensory problems just wanted me to come get her. She is not safe and I feel it. I am not allowed Any rights as I never been through a custody trial and had to represent myself, and my dad a retired lawyer who has money refused to help me. I had to apologize to him for not being smarter and letting a man write down a number who overheard me give it out loud to a friend who was trying to stay sober. So I told her I will drive you to a meeting and gave her my info and a hug and left. I got a phone call later that day from a guy who apologized for over hearing my conversation with my old friend earlier and heard that I was a art therapist and his daughter was in need of help. He said he could help moving boxes and anything if I could help his daughter. That part was real and I pray for that beautiful young lady everyday in my own type of prayers. was something I needed help as I was 90 Pounds and pretty shocked by what happened with the state police and my daughter. So I said ok. and he called me later that week and his daughter was out in a program for her safety. He still wanted to help. I guess I just miss that crucial part with men. No one else I have since a young age been able to read ppl. and tell if they are good or evil and if they need help. It hurts me to see the potential and when I am in nature around animals I feel at peace but my life is not going to end happily. I don’t know how to get help for the stalking, threats by domestic relations, and help to have a roof over My head. The advocates who swore to help me bc my memory, eyes, and balance is horrible and with the stress of threats of jail for not paying child support and the advocates never helping me get the money back that was stolen by my abuser. I tried to get help and finally my time is up. I am broken and can’t believe a DA and judge can factor what the penalty should be if they did not have the evidence… same with the custody court. Sorry for the long emotional vent, it is All true for the ones who have heard parts And say I have lied or I cannot have gone through hell on a daily basis and still try and get beaten down. I am not Sure what made me share this. But for everyone trying to get better I believe that everyone who has a support system will get back to themselves. I have but at 41 Idk. No negative Comments pls. Ty
Letting go
I felt at ease to deal with what it is I want and what I’m not getting. It’s so easy to get lost in my thoughts and seeing how I everything I need for myself I’ll put off to tend to others. I’m not giving myself my own time to grow
Observing emotions
Gentle guidance using the breath. Instead of muting an emotion that is there, letting it flow and just notice it. This is a great exercise to calmly allow yourself to have emotions without pushing them away. I can say this does work for me.
Losing focus
Today I was particularly tired and wasn't able to stay present all the time. I'm still grateful for what I was able to do and for this moment of reflection
What am I feeling?
I need to find a way to identify my emotions and sit with them and actually feel them instead of running away from them. I hope I took a good first small step towards that today.
To many to even process
Long stressful day (weeks) every little thing is setting me off. Struggling to get my toddler a bath and then to sleep. One rude remark from someone and everything that I’ve been holding together crumbles. Crying and starting to spiral, I remembered this app, then to breath and then to see what it had to help in this moment. I was not disappointed, still sad but not even close to what I was. It’s huge progress for me
Struggle bus
Made extremely poor choices and have lost a friend due to our inability to control our emotions. Boundaries reestablished but now feel deep sadness for this loss
Learning to take control of emotions
This is a great tool for letting go and allowing myself space to just breathe and accept whatever it is that I am feeling. It’s taken me a long time to learn how to take control of my emotions but I am making good progress. This is now my go-to whenever I need a lift. Thank you!
First session
I have noticed that two of my body parts couldn’t relax and actually started feeling uncomfortable and itchy. The eyes and my belly where I have a big scar from a surgery that definitely has been hard for me to overcome being that I was very young.
Emotions check in before arrising
Colorless or color More emotions like a box of crayons Seeing clearly within Ike looking into a crystal and seeing the inclusions the light at play the iridescence No drama no attachment just plain seeing and listening Feeling Never endings nerves just being nerves Mind - like coasting on a bicycle. Let it be
My emotions have been so up and down lately
I do wake up each morning to at least 5 things I’m grateful for😊