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Emotional to Calm

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
Do you find yourself judging a lot? Judging yourself or someone else harshly? Learn to deal with emotions with better by letting go of the stories and seeing them just the way they are.
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We are constantly being bombarded by negative thoughts -by judgemental thoughts about others & even of oneself. In order to remove those thoughts, and even be a bit more empathetic of situations others might be undergoing, feel your body, clear your thoughts, & just breathe. Remember that you cant control the circumstances or the people that surround you, but you can control your perspective on things & how you can affect others with your behavior.
Just like life is giving up on me, I can’t win I feel lonely and just sad.
ERIN Sinclair
Emotional stress
I can’t take it anymore I hate this feeling it really hurts my heart & my soul have been soled from me my best friend is keeping my heart & soul & keeping me lock in her basement
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