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Emotional Reasoning

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach
Emotional reasoning is a type of cognitive distortion. It is often experienced by people who feel anxious, sad or even procrastinate frequently. This short track explores emotional reasoning, and how it can contribute to increased anxiety of sadness and discusses how to manage this more effectively.
From the community
16 reflections
I noticed that I use emotional reasoning to drive many of my choices. I want to try to distance myself from my feelings more so I feel in control.
Emotional reasoning
I've been doing this for a long time. Reasoning away my poor choices. I'm glad this is here. Thank you. I'm very interested in learning more.
Emotional Decision Making
I learned something I already know which is try to use the cognitive part of my brain. For most my life I have let my feeling drive me and felt out of control. Stepping back gives me a different perspective based on evidence that is true. For the past few years I have been able to change. My emotions are not readily read by everyone and apparent. I fill empowered by having more control and my life is a lot less bumpy.
Emotional reasoning
Strangely I’ve known I’ve been doing this all along but needed to hear it from someone else. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to how I approach every situation. I’m off today. It’s raining. I have many projects around the house I want to get done. I know how to start them now.
CBT-Emotional reasoning
learned this concept but need to practice to master this technique. Set yourself from your emotion, not let them drive your behaviour, instead reasoning by the fact that supports and counterparts from that.
Emotional reasoning is something I do a lot particularly when reacting to email
The key thing is to step back at look at facts, to assess the situation more clearly
Call myself on my emotions…
This is refreshing and insightful. I could relate especially pertaining to putting away tasks that seem overwhelming to me… those feelings and anxieties do get the better of me often. Glad I can learn to recognize that my feelings aren’t always facts.
Identifying Emotions
I learned that I tend to let my feeling of overwhelm keep me from even beginning a task. Identifying my feelings can help me to separate my anxiety from the reality of a situation and approach it without unnecessary stress.
I realize that I suffer from emotional reasoning. I have a number of very large decisions to make these decisions are on a time schedule.
I learned that I need to take a step back and look at it and try to pick out pieces that I can start rather than allowing myself to be overwhelmed. I also learned that I am afraid of the outcome intend to put it off, pretending there will be no repercussions in my inaction.
I do experience Emotional Reasoning
I feel overwhelmed by tasks especially at home when there’s no one that holds me accountable
Emotional Reasoning
This very short talk just pointed out where many of my issues are from.
I learned that I can feel emotionally good without feeling that great physically.
Emotional reasoning
Under emotions we can see only the bad stuff without checking the good which was there. Our mind drive us throught emotions.
Emotional reasoning
I am a very frequent procrastinator. The project I am currently delaying will require a lot of physical effort and my biggest fear is that when I am done it won't have made that much improvement
New and helpful info
I totally use emotional reasoning but had never heard of it before. Now I have some basic tools to combat wits deliberating effects on my life .
Emotional Seasoning
There are so many ways I've been using my emotions to make decisions. Just upend the shaker and see which ones pour out. It's interesting to realize I'm not nearly as logical as I thought I was. That's probably why my house is a mess but I know where almost every item is in the chaos,0 and I can understand quantum theory better than basic math. So, I guess I have to start paying a lot more attention when I make decisions, or feel hopeless or daunted by something. You hear that house? No more excuses. Tomorrow we start giving you a thorough cleaning! I shall become aware of my emotions and where they guide my thoughts, but I won't be bound by them. That's the plan, anyway.