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Embracing Your Presence

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Ali G
Sleep Coach, Narrator and Meditation.
Being present, breathe yourself gently into the here and now.
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Awakening through Rest
Deep down awakening resulted from mindful relaxation. The human body is amazing. Namaste
Quality of Presence
The quality of presence we carry in any given moment determines how clear we will connect with and hear our heart’s longing. Connecting with our breath, the here and now greets us. In the here and now, we increase our quality of presence by opening to any sounds we hear around and within us. I brought awareness to my breath and took in a deep breath as if I was smelling the sweet fragrance of a flower. I slowly exhaled as if I was blowing through a straw. Welcoming this moment, I noticed sounds in my environment. Going within, I noticed a few tense areas in my body and used my breath to soften them. Bringing my breath to my heart, I noticed a sense of excitement for this new day. Acutely aware in this moment, I heard from my intuition. Connected to this knowing, I am powerful beyond measure. I thought back a few moments ago when I first connected to my breath to how I was now. Indeed, the quality of my presence grew with each subsequent moment. Meditation isn’t about getting anywhere. It is a practice that embodies the two wings of awareness: mindfulness and compassion. With awareness, we are powerful beyond measure! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️