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Embracing Emotions

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
An invitation to get in touch with your inner self, sensations, and feelings - non-judgmentally and with compassion.
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March, 27th, 2018
I’ve been feeling really sad lately, dealing with a breakup and this made me feel a lot more at peace with myself and what happened, I’m still sad very much so but this gave me hope that the feeling and anxiety will pass, hopefully sooner than later
This helped me a lot dealing with my post-traveling trip.
I have to take control of my thoughts. My thoughts on the past are creating my anxiety.
Just let go
Do not let emotions of negativity rule your life ... sometimes you just have to let them go ... as unfair as it may seem, all they do is hold your growth back. You are worth more than that, you deserve to be free and not bogged down. Just let them go.
Walter J
Letting go ...
At 1st I had a hard time finding a negative emotion or feeling to breathe into, which I guess is good. Just came back from seeing my 85 year mom over the weekend and she’s starting to go downhill which was a little sad to see in a way, but she’s had such a good long productive life that it’s ok. She’s ready & wants to “go home” but my dad, (& her husband of 65 years) our society & medical facilities all want to keep her alive at all costs (literally & figuratively). As I was breathing into that whole scene, I felt unusually calm and assured she would be fine and I was ok to let her go. Which I did , only to be replaced by a separate concern for my dad, which is still up in the air right now... physically he’s doing well, but emotionally it’s got to be tough on him seeing her this way. Understanding the circle of life happens is one thing, but living thru the stages with loved ones can be a bit of a challenge. Practicing a LOT of different breathing techniques learned from all these Aura sessions is certainly helpful in keeping a proper perspective! Thanks again Aura & all my fellow Auraians who share themselves on here!! ❤️✌🏼
Emotions and Muscle Tension
Our teacher had us breathe into the emotion and let it pass so we could rest. This is similar to breathing into the pain of a tight or stressed muscle and feeling it let go. So emotional and physical moments have a similar core, and meditation can help us recognize and observe them similarly. I guess we can throw thoughts in there too, as when our minds are swirling or distracted. Observe and let go. Physical body and mind observed by our true eternal selves.
Breathing in to my anxious place
If I envision my breath flooding the area of anxiety in my upper chest/lower neck, I can then envision releasing that anxiety on the exhalation. Cool!
Weight of the world!
I can relax and focus on something other than my stress related issues for a few minutes each day!
Change Happens
This might be my favorite meditation, yet. Checking into my-emotions and knowing that they will pass really helped me,.. Feelings of impatience and frustration, too, will pass... Just Breathe...
It was hard for me to focus this morning on this meditation. However, what I’m going to take from it is different emotions are normal, we get angry and we lash out, however we can put certain emotions away and get them out differently and healthier like by breathing.
You are not....
I am not the emotion or feeling. I can refocus my self and let it go. It will not be here forever. It will change and I am the instrument of thAt change.
Very nice
It helps me tune closer to what I experience in the moment. It was always difficult for me to really locate and feel the emotion. Somehow this meditation places me into the right spot and is effective.
Embracing emotion
Wasn’t anything special about this meditation. It encompasses everything I have already known.