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Embrace Your Journey

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor
This meditation invites you to take a few minutes to embrace your personal journey. Your journey is comprised of all of your experiences, those that have already taken place, and those that are yet to come.
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Unique Journey
Each of us has a unique combination of experiences to be appreciated. Namaste
Affirming that Patchwork
I smiled appreciating the fact that my journey has been a patchwork of serendipitous events, defined choices, and daily routines. And here I am. Thankful. And I move on with my journey.
Every one of us has been on our own unique journey. Our journey has provided us with the patchwork of experiences that have woven into the experience of now. Now is where we find ourselves, embracing our journey of yesterday and trusting in our journey of tomorrow. Allowing my spine to elongate with each inhale, I found my breath. Finding myself in a relaxed state, I began to think about my own unique journey. The experiences of joy, the experiences of sorrow, the experiences of indifference all have shaped where I find myself today. I have grown immensely and have so much more to learn. Embracing my own unique journey, I am grateful for all of the life’s experiences for they have gotten me to where I find myself today. Embracing my own unique journey, I am hopeful and excited for all of life’s experiences yet to come. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Choose mindfulness
I can choose mindfulness over msn. Mindfulness helps alleviate stress where ad msn tends to cause undo stress. I have choices and the choices I make will drive the direction my life will go in.