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Egyptian Fire Meditation For Abundance

13 Min
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Saqib Rizvi
Meditation Coach
Saqib will guide you to visualize the ancient, fiery energy of Egypt as a powerful tool to cleanse your spirit. As you breathe deeply and sync with the rhythm of the Nile, imagine fears and blocks melting away like wax before a flame, making space for prosperity to flow freely into your life. This meditation draws inspiration from the wisdom of Egyptian mystics, guiding you to ignite your inner fire and welcome an abundance of health, love, and prosperity.
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2 reflections
A Cleansing Meditation
Boy did I need this. Most of your sessions are Favorites… but this is a Break Glass in Case of Emergency cleaning of the entire mind body and soul. I feel so light and energized and my mind is clear of negativity and distractions.
Chakra Cleanse
I am sitting on a bed of hot coals with fire underneath. With each in breath the fire is rising to each chakra to burn away any fear, lack, or blockages. I release any blockages through my out breath visualizing a black smoke. As my whole body is covered in fire, I breathe in a golden cooling light filled with abundance and joy. I feel so much lighter, aligned, and energized. This was exactly what I needed to come home to myself.