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Calm Your Nervous System EMDR Skill

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Dr. Liz Slonena
Mindful Hypnotherapist & Sleep Expert
Regulate your nervous system with the Butterfly Hug, a powerful EMDR meditation that will quickly calm and ground you. Best used with headphones so you can hear the soothing bilateral EMDR music and binaural brainwave entrainment for a deeper calm. The butterfly hug is an essential skill for managing Anxiety, Stress, panic, burnout, anger, and trauma triggers, by improving your body's natural ability to relax. This quick and easy meditation is perfect while you take a break during work, school, or at home. May you find pockets of peace throughout your day ~ Dr. Liz Slonena
From the community
5 reflections
I am open to healing and loving myself. I am all that I need. I do not need love or validation from anyone else.
Plane trip
I began feeling nervous while packing and began to have ocd tendencies. I stopped and completed meditation. Now I feel better, less tension, able to breath easier. More focused.
Tapping 1st time
I noticed that I sat in judgement of my technique at first. More worried about if I was doing it right that what I could gain by relaxing. Perhaps I need to work on quieting my inner critic.
Butterfly Hug
This is a nice technique that helps physically calm down down, by the use of soft gentle taps on the chest. It also goes well with positive affirmations as it is being utilized.
This was my first time doing an exercise like this. I was thinking if I was performing it correctly. My upper back did get tense. I will try again
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