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Ease into Deep Sleep

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This Yoga Nidra guided meditation will help you ease into sleep. There is a light background ocean sound with binaural beats, to further assist you in accessing a deep and restful sleep.
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Ease into Deep Sleep
I was wet relaxing feeling and I enjoyed. You will as well as you relax your mind and let sounds take you away.
This really works!
With this recording, "Ease into Deep Sleep" it obviously took a lot of effort from the creators, and with all the hard work that the, "Sleep, Relax and Recharge" channel did, it works! In fact, great! I would appreciate if this app, "Aura" would add a new feature where you could save something instead of having to wait until the very end of the recording. In this case, 50-60 min. and by the time that it is over I am already fast asleep (because it works too well!)
I learned that there is more to the image than just the surface and what it reads.
I achieved visual imaging in my mind to the point that I'm almost asleep but Not quite, to where it's controlled visually and it's kind of a sleepy state but you haven't fallen asleep completely just in a trance to where I can go or stay. And if I go I get to stay at the temple higher mounts longer but I'm alone there. Which means I achieved a higher conservative consistency to become more and more aware of my manifesto at the Temple Mount. See the usual goldenBuddah. But no masters are present. Which also means I'm a master without a master. And it's time for my teachings to be implemented with in the aura society.
I finally find a 60 minute meditation after three weeks and it stops one minute into the session!
This works
After months of using aura and months of being able to fall sleep but not being able to stay asleep I found this! I have had 2 nights deep sleep using this same 60min session. Incredible.
Works for me late into the night
This meditation works well for me in the middle of the night when I can't fall back asleep
😴Sleep 😴
I had a deep sleep last night very relaxing breathing my mind went into a deep sleep it was amazing. I am charged and energized. I keep focusing on my breathing. The only thing is is that I don't want to get out of bed.
Saving this for later! I’m in desperate need of a deep, good nights sleep!
New favorite!
You can feel the sensations move through your body as it’s being said. Very relaxing and you wake up feeling refreshed. Really puts your mind at ease😌
Ease into sleep
I enjoyed this meditation but, I fell asleep way before it ended! Love the sounds in the background also.
Sarah Elizabeth
I’m addicted to this meditation, literally! I cannot go to sleep without playing it. I just can’t fall asleep without it! I used to need to listen to the sound of ocean waves in order to fall asleep. But once I found this delicious meditation piece, goodbye to you ocean BLAH!! I literally get knocked out to sleep right after she stops her gentle, sleepy, soothing talking. Sometimes I do have a little trouble falling asleep right away, but that’s when I just rewind the meditation back to the beginning. That always does the trick and I’m knocked right out. I always have a good, deep, restful sleep too. Just like what the title says, I Ease into Deep Sleep. I always wake up refreshed. I just don’t use this before bed, I also use it for naps! It’s great! I AM ADDICTED!!!! You must try it, if you have a difficult time falling asleep and staying asleep. You may very well end up having the same addiction to this just like me!
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