I felt left out hurt angry disappointed devastatedscarec now that everyhting will be tirner againat me !
Mom was able to see the error of her ways and was willing to try and make it better . I’m not sure I’m ready to forgive just yet because I am very hurt and tired of being the family scapegoat . Jill is her daughter in law but she treats her like she is her own daughter and then looks at me like I’m not enough my kids are not enough who I am friends with who I am as a person she can’t handle accepting me the way that I am . I like to have fun there is nothing wrong with that . She is a joy killer just like Tony ! Why didn’t I see this with the two of them before . I just wanted to move away so that my kids and family will respect me and quit thinking so bad of me ! If Jace and Jill had Alexa on and heard everything and blame me because Mom isn’t going to tell them the real truth to save face for herself then I am really going to be upset !