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Earth and Sky

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This guided meditation uses the breath to harness the energy of the earth and the sky, to create a sense of strength and balance.
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Nice mood elevation meditation 👍
A unique experience and feeling to breath in pulling the earth up into my body, then breathing in pulling the sky down into my body. Filling up my body and mind with all that energy making me feel grounded and elevating my mood. Nice, saving this on!
A good morning meditation
I so wanted to feel the energy and the earth and sun entering my body as I inhaled and exhaled, but it just wasn’t happening. I think perhaps it’s the time of night that’s working against me. It’s bedtime here; maybe all that energy would keep me awake all night. I’ll have to try again in the daytime. 🌷
This is excellent to do in the morning, particularly outside. A great way to harness energy for the day! ☀️😎
Earth & Sky
Among the best short meditations in this site. Take it in and enjoy.
Earth 🌎 and Sky 🌌
This was a wonderful way to begin a grey, chilly morning. Breathing in the grounding supportive energy of the earth and the vast spaciousness of the sky was invigorating. I confess that the first time or two that I tried to breathe in both at the same time was a bit awkward but with practice I did it! 😀👏
Earth 🌎 and Sky 🌌
In this meditation, Cassandra guides you into using the breath to pull the energy from the Earth and the sky. You pull breath up from the Earth and pull breath down from the sky. The Earth and sky energies become one. After listening to this meditation, I feel grounded from the energy of the Earth and full of strength from the energy of the spacious sky. I am alive! I will take this energy with me as I go about my day. Have a great day! 🙏🏻❤️😊
Where’s that energy?
I had to try this track as my first Aura lesson of the day because Cherish said so! Now, I normally REALLY connect to Cassandra’s teachings, but I couldn't find the air or Earth energy to draw in😢 Moving on to Braindrop motivation for the morning!
Walter J
I have to laugh because I have used a version of this technique, with much success, for years while splitting wood with my maul (a heavy duty axe)! I first exhale fully while I envision my root Chakra extending down into the earth like tree roots. As they get planted, I start to inhale and pull earth energy up thru my root Chakra, filling & passing thru my creative & power Chakras and into my heart Chakra. Then I exhale up thru my throat & 3rd eye Chakras and release it out thru my crown Chakra into the sky. My next inhale starts by pulling sky energy down thru my crown, 3rd eye & throat Chakras into my heart Chakra and exhaled down thru my lower Chakras and out my root Chakra into the earth. Once ground-ed and sky-ed I then inhale thru both ends, into my heart Chakra (where both energies mix) as I raise my axe. I exhale thru my swing down and the log is split almost every time. It really is amazingly powerful and effective. Never told anyone about it before, but I can vouch for my version of this technique. At least for splitting wood anyways. I may try to apply this to other things too now that I think about it. 🤔 ❤️💪🏼🍀
This meditation was a beautiful, energy centering experience for me. I imagined I was breathing in all the colors of the Earth, and breathing in all the aspects of the sky and space, creating an image in my mind of a centered ground surrounded by the stars, nebulas, galaxies, and other aspects of space.
Earth’s Energy
I did this meditation while sitting in my backyard this morning. As I breath in I take in the energy of the sky and the ground below me. It feels my body with a feeling of fresh renewed energy.
Life Support
A good reminder there is energy all around us to lean on, share, and appreciate. Namaste
Walter J
This is a great practice that I have used when chopping wood, but maybe should use more often in everyday life. Pulling up ground energy & pulling down sky energy with our breathe. I go a little father & visualize it coming up thru my lower Chakras & down thru my upper Chakras and mixing it in my heart Chakra, where it swirls and turns into Love energy... After all when you think about it, we are the connectors between the heavens & the earth. We are the children of God the Father & Mother Earth. We are unique among all creations and based in Love. Using both energies & mixing them together produces Love energy that can be shared with the rest of creation❣️ ❤️☯️🍀
In today’s lesson I learned a lot about myself and patience. I never was the type who was patient I was always go, go, go and never took the time to stop for a moment to realize what was in front of me. I know how to be patient now
Breathe and relaxation
When I focus on controlled deep breathing my thoughts stop racing and I stop thinking so much
Earth and Sky
The Earth energy is green and growing and the sky is white and glowing. Wonderful, energizing session!
eriya :)
I learned that I am the coolest :) I think that I am the coolest again , because I got the best friends for me and the most amazing people in my world
Earth and Sky
What a beautiful way to start my day by filling myself up with the beautiful earth and sky. It was so balancing
Grounded and Spacious
Connecting with my breath, I feel prana or life force energy circulating throughout my body. Following Cassandra’s guidance, I began to visualize breathing in earth’s energy through my feet. After a few rounds, I visualized breathing in sky’s vastness into my body. After a few rounds, I visualized breathing in both energies into my body simultaneously. Feeling grounded, I am rooted in stability. Feeling spacious, I am open to all the possibilities this day brings. Thank you, Cassandra! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Energy From The Earth
There are some days where I have so much energy and other days I don’t have enough energy so I will sit and read outside so I get energy from the sun