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Each Morning When I Wake Up

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Kara Barnhart
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I choose to love this life. A poem to remember.
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Beautiful ❤️
Inspiring poem about setting an intention each day. We have a choice on how we want to show up. Today, I choose to love my life just the way it is. To focus on the present moment. And to count my blessings.
Each Morning When I Wake Up
The quote “stuck in a way of living that was skillfully avoiding the present” is a powerful one. In order to have a better life in the future or come to terms with the past, you have to really love your life as it is, which requires simple immersion in the present of this morning.
Each morning I wake up, I make a decision. A decision that will affect my mood, the moods of those around me, the way my body breathes and the response to the events unfolding before my very eyes. Today, I choose to see the beauty in my surroundings. Today, I choose to look at the good in all situations. Today, I choose to be in awe of this life. Today, I choose to see opportunities to learn and grow instead of challenges. Today, I choose to have an open, kind and curious nature. Today, I choose to love this life. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I noticed and by noting and reflection I learned today that my pain is extreme when I wake and is often what wakes me. As a result any thing that was done last thing in the evening, unkind and disrespectful actions, actions that are NEVER TAKEN RESPONSIBILITY FOR and never stopped carry over and build up, that’s what is woken up to with Rick who is an abuser and never takes responsibility and wakes up like nothing ever happened AND HE IS THE POOR PUT UPON PERSON! Good try, but another of his many many many lies. Rick can continue to do unkind and hateful, soul killing things every single day and then has a superior attitude and acts as if he is the harmed, poor poor victim because each day doesn’t just start anew for his abuse to start again with no responsibility or recriminations. He lives in a toddlers world, aided and abetted by an uneducated, old woman who made him her stand in spouse when her husband was out fooling around for years and she then continued the unhealthy “sunshine golden boy” dependency up never allowing him to grow a real spine and became a man and have sex, normal relationships with women or even other men. It’s a sad sad sad dynamic Martha has spun. And continues in her fear and passive aggressive hate to continue to spin instead of ever being a healthy grown old lady and letting her sons ever have marriages she hasn’t had a HUGE hand is disparaging nonstop behind closed doors and working to destroy. And I was there when I was first married and how she treated Debra, Debra who snapped wine glasses in her hand as Martha treated her horribly in my presence! And I should have taken note instead of given her the benefit of the doubt because I wanted my mother in law to care. How she was treating Debra like me now and for 25 years! Like Cathey said in her phone call 25 years ago about how Martha was absolutely horrendous behind my back and was cruel and shitty about me out of jealousy over her sunshine baby boy. Sad SICK old lonely voluntarily housebound old old WOMAN AND SICK GRANDSON ( another mini her ) SHE RAISED LIVING SITTING IN A TRAILER AND EATING TO OBESITY AND JUDGING ME AND ANYBODY ELSE WHO THREATENS HER LITTLE SICK LIFE. What a sad legacy she will leave Sons who she worked to break their marriages Son who could never ever enjoy a sex life Had to take from someone to have grands, the very women she destroyed Even her husband couldn’t stand her, fooled around, or worked non stop, or worked outside as much as possible to be away from her. It’s a sad sad sad sick dynamic started by a lonely housewife who made her young son her stand in husband, life companion, and confidante and in so fucked up and confused him sexually, as a man/boy and as never being happy and expressing it in his severe alcoholism, severe abusive behavior only behind closed doors with a 5’3” disabled victim ( just like his mommy -pick easy but vulnerable and heart open prey ) And what did Kerri want and still want? A man! Not a boy.
I noticed when I wake up I feel the same each morning I feel sad missing my dad it still hurts he isn’t here anymore.
This was soothing , enjoyed the story but wished it was longer .
I learned that peace is only found within one’s self. Going through this time of mourning the loss of my ex husband and meditation is absolutely amazing for healing and understanding. I’m staying strong for the children but find myself in need of more meditations for guidance on dealing with this loss, heavy hearted in need of healing 🙏❤️‍🩹💪💐🥲
Powerful Morning Reminder
A POWERFUL 3minutes reminding you why you're still here. Namaste!
Loving This Moment
I can change my feelings by taking a different perspective. There is often one large anxiety in my space in the morning as I prepare for the day. It’s helpful to send it away in a bubble out far into the universe.
Morning poem
I loved this meditation. It had ideas to ponder, and perfect pauses. Very, very nice. Thank you.
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