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Drift To sleep Lullaby: Who Am I?

63 Min
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Jennifer Louise
Meditation and Wellness Professional
Sometimes on those long, hard, or stressful days, it's important to relax, have a bath or reflect, without expectation, on one of life's greatest questions: Who am I? It doesn't need an answer but it can bring us into the presence of being. This original sleep lullaby was first composed in 2011 with very few lyrics and has been re-written with the inspiration of Sri Ramana Maharishi, who spent most of his time in silence, simply instructing his devotees to inquire into who they were. "The question "Who am I?" is not really meant to get an answer, the question "Who am I?" is meant to dissolve the questioner." - Ramana Maharishi Dissolve into your own reflective self-inquiry & sleep well in the mystery of this beautiful question.