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Dreaming into the Future Meditation

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Katie Krimitsos
Meditation for Women
The power of the present moment is undeniable. Which is why we use meditation as a practice to come into the now. So we can access everything that is here for us. Our deep connection to our true selves. The joy of appreciation for who we are and all we have around us. The peace as we let go of fears, anxieties and attachments to the past and the future. And...meditation can also be helpful in giving us the space to dream. To free our minds from the boundaries of the lives we are in now, and expand our visions to what could possibly be. So the intention of today’s meditation is to give you the freedom to dream into the future. To play with all the possibilities. And to dance with the creativity within you.
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Meditation is a practice that allows for us to come home to our true self. At home with our true nature, we sense no limitations to what we can be, do, or have. Therefore, it is a great space for dreaming into the future. In this beautiful visualization meditation, Katie gives us some time to paint our picture a year from now by using the phrase, ‘I am so happy and grateful that this past year I ...’ . Because it is the beginning of a brand new month, I decided to modify the length to a month from now rather than a year. Sitting while taking in some deep breaths, my body and mind relaxed into a tranquil calm. Visualizing sitting on a stump in the middle of the woods, I took in the sights and sounds of my surroundings. Surrounded by nature while reminiscing this past month, my heart filled with joy. I am so happy and grateful that this past month, I showed up with a grateful heart to each day. I set intentions so they could remind me of how I want to be. I cooked meals for my mom. I learned new mindfulness tools to put in my toolbox and shared them with my friends and family. I decorated cookies for Valentine’s Day and shared them with my neighbors and community. I updated my photography websites and shared pictures. I began meditation school and am loving it. I put a smile on my face for no reason at all. I challenged myself to try new things. Looking over this list, I am very pleased with my growth. Indeed, this past month, I painted an incredible chapter for the book of 2021! Thank you, Katie for this amazing visualization meditation! I plan on listening at the beginning of each month so I can paint on my canvas and dance with all of the possibilities that life has to offer me! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Filled with Hope
As I woke up this morning, I was reminded that a brand new month has dawned and therefore, a wonderful time to dream into the future. Placing my body in an upright position, I shaped a few deep breaths into my belly and then allowed my breath to go back to its natural rhythm. Relaxed, I visualized myself walking through a forest. In the distance, I saw my future self taking in the sights and sounds of this magical place while sitting on a log. I saw she had a smile on her face as I approached. Sitting down next to her, we locked eyes. Gazing into her eyes, I saw into her soul and found myself also having a smile on my face. Reminiscing, I am so grateful and happy that this month I took intentional action toward my meditation studies and moving my body everyday. I am so grateful and happy that this month I took pauses throughout the day to align with my higher self. Because of that, I am so grateful and happy that this month I was a beacon of light and love for others. I am so grateful and happy that this month I believed and accepted myself wholeheartedly. Because of that, I took uncomfortable action. I am so grateful and happy that this month I embodied presence. Because of that, I chose to trust. After thanking my future self, I got up and walked away filled with hope for a very productive, yet calm month ahead. Thank you, Katie! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
April Dreams
Bringing my body and mind to stillness by way of my breath, I found myself laying down in a field of wildflowers. The warm breeze filled my nostrils with the scent of freshness. I heard birds singing their own unique songs. Rejuvenated, I took a few moments to reminisce about the month that just passed. I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities for growth I encountered. Back to the future, at the end of this month of April, excitement for the countless possibilities that await me filled me. I am so grateful and happy that this past month I took pauses throughout my day to catch my breath, reminding myself to slow down. Nature does not rush, yet everything is accomplished. I studied hard for my exam and became certified in the free form of qigong. Elated to be given this amazing tool, I thought of ideas of how best to serve others. Accomplishing a milestone in my own daily meditation practice, I am reminded that it isn’t about the duration of practice, but the consistency of practice that matters. With an open heart and mind, I got to know my mentor and peers in my meditation teaching program a little better. Keeping a beginners mind to knowledge I have already encountered, I gave myself a chance to learn something new. When I felt an uneasiness in my body, I gave myself the compassion it deserves. Looking back over this past month, I am so grateful and happy that I did everything to the best of my abilities. Going back to feeling sensations in my body by way of my breath, I felt a smile form on my face. Thinking about these April dreams, I am so grateful for this beautiful moment in time and for the endless opportunities and possibilities that await me. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
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