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Donkey in a Well

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Sometimes difficult situations turn out in quite surprising ways, even when everything is looking like only the worst can happen....
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Unforeseen circumstances
I can see how both the donkey and the donkey’s owner had been caught up with their emotions and decided to give up. Believing that there’s only one way is unfortunate because one cannot grasp the unknown miraculous events that await. Never give in, even when it seems really hard, perseverance makes us stronger and healthier.
One VERY angry donkey
Good thing for the farmer that the donkey couldn't figure out that he was to be sacrificed for expediency’s sake! He’d have been pretty upset! Instead, the donkey likely figured that the farmer was brilliant! I love when unplanned results arise from my actions! Sometimes it's as simple as a design idea which catches my or a client’s fancy and I can develop it into something truly unique and polished! It's a wonderful feeling to succeed where you have, in your mind, already given up! It's the power if perseverance, I suppose. Moral? Don't give up! Don't be so quick to give in! A GREAT lesson for everone! To quote a 70’s cat poster: hang in there baby!
Hannah bananas
It was sad that the farmer 👨🏻‍🌾 wanted for the donkey die. But it was a good story and sad 😔.
Donkey are legit
That donkey was smarter than the farmer🐖yeet nuggets r/wooooosh
We can always turn things around- don’t give up easily.
Donkey in a Well
No matter what happens, you can turn it to your advantage. You have all the power in the world.
Put in Under Your Feet
The more you go through day by day, just shake it off and put it under your feet. Rise yourself out of the pit of despair.