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Do You Like You!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
Liking yourself is essential to living an abundant life. If you like yourself you will never seek the approval of others. Begin to look in the mirror and like everything about you, your big ears, small lips, freckles on your face, or whatever it may be. When you begin to live this way, you start attracting others that will like you too!
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I needed this. I met someone new too soon. He flaked out on me yesterday because we were supposed to hang out and his excuse was lame. I’m seeking validation and love outside of myself because I’m lonely and don’t feel worthy. He validated how I feel about myself and honestly he’s the one that’s a mess. Maybe he doesn’t feel worthy of me? I am pretty. I am doing good as far as being better. My heart has been broken too recently by my husband and I don’t really know how to just love myself when I feel no one else does.
This really hit home!
I’ve spent my whole life looking for validation from everyone else and only recently learnt that I’m not nice to myself at all! This was so needed! Made me laugh, made me cry, really hit home! ❤️ I’m saving it to listen to it again and again! Thank you!
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