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Do I Want This Or Do I Need This?

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Taressa Riazzi
Life Coach and Hypnotherapist
This discussion describes learning to break down the difference between Wants vs. Needs. Sometimes the things we want might allow us to feel better in the short term but may also be unhealthy for us. Learning to address the root cause (the things we NEED) and listening to that answer can help you release unwanted or unhealthy patterns or habits.
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Wants vs. Needs
I really let this sink in. The key to me is in times of wants, pause. Is this something healthy? What alternatives are there? Before jumping into a want that's comfortable but has brought me pain and upsets my vibe, pause.
I can apply this to many emotions
The audio mentioned loneliness and stress. I know my main emotion (does it qualify as an actual emotion?) is anxiety. When I am feeling anxious what I need is to calm down, but what I do is to ruminate, catastrophize, go to others for reassurance, and make myself nearly ill with worry. This leaves me unable to focus and paralyzed to do anything productive or positive. Sometimes, I react impulsively in ways that damage relationships or my own self-esteem because I just want the anxiety to go away. I tend to intellectualize as a way to avoid my feelings, so I think it would be best to say what I need in calming down is to calm my central nervous system. That’s what my first meditation on here was. Breathing exercises could also be good, but because I don’t have a lot of positive coping skills in my repertoire, I will use that initial mediation for now and hopefully learn some additional ways to calm my nervous system.
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