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Dissolving Strong Emotions

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Steven Webb
Inner Peace and Emotional Wisdom Teacher
Sometimes emotions can be overwhelming; this meditation will help you to soften and dissolve the strong emotions, so you are no longer pushed around or controlled by them when they arise.
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3 reflections
Controlling anger
I suddenly had such a strong feeling of anger it felt like it was burning in my stomach. Then I remembered to use this and I will say it most definitely worked! The feeling has dissolved and I feel like I can breathe easier. Thank you!
I felt worried
I learned that we can choose what to do with our emotions even though we cannot control them coming inside of us.
I was feeling very irritated. Doing this practice helped me recognize my emotions and take hold of them instead of letting them run wild. I am working on understanding my emotions and underlying reasons of why I feel a certain way. Thank you for a great practice!