Timeless wisdom
Getting settled on a rock in the middle of a nature park, I connected with this abundant air flowing into and out of my body. As I witnessed this precious breath relaxing my body mind complex, I envisioned the dark sky beyond the daylight. The stars were so brilliantly shining in the night sky. s I scanned across this mosaic of stars, I saw one in particular that seemed to call my name. As I gazed at it, a stream of white light beamed down upon me, connecting me with this star. A portal of sorts, I was able to see this star up close now. I saw another planet circling this star. Before I knew it, I was on this new planet. So lush and green, this planet was filled with life, just like planet Earth. As I explored and took in this beautiful place, two people approached me. With curiosity leading the way rather than judgment, I didn’t fear these people. As we approached each other, I saw that one was my younger self and the other person was my future self. We all sat in a circle underneath an oak tree. As I placed my attention on my younger self, she asked me if there was anything that I could tell her that would help her along her journey. Going inward, I answered be present with life, my love. Don’t be in such a hurry to get to the next place. Be accepting of yourself, for you are enough just as you are. And with that, we exchanged our gratitude for the timeless wisdom that had emerged. I turned to my future self and asked her the same question that my younger self had asked me. Her response was, continue to trust in your inner knowing, my darling. There is such greatness in you just waiting to be expressed. Allow your greatness to emerge and live by your truth. And with that, we exchanged our gratitude for the timeless wisdom that had emerged. After my journey to this planet, I was reminded to never forget where I came from and don’t lose sight of where I am going. Connected with this magnificent star, I know that if I seek, I shall find timeless wisdom. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️