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Developing Your 5 Clair Senses!!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
The Universe is speaking to you, are you listening! Our sixth sense is more powerful than all of our 5 senses put together, but many of us are unaware of how to use it. I hope today's session gives you some insight into how your senses are always speaking to you and begin to utilize its powers as soon as today! Cheers~
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I just love Teena’s energy and spirituality. Her messages resonate with me, very much. Especially this session, which was very enlightening and validating ♥️
Clair senses
This was interesting and informative. 5 senses regarding intuition that I didn't know about. I've heard a lot about them. I would venture a guess that I don't have them. I don't feel I have a connection with people that have passed. That being said, I have a few people in mind that I would love to hear from. These gifts you speak of are extraordinary. Hard to understand a bit. Also I couldn't help but think....how do you know if someone has it or not? Like people say they're empaths. Or people say they have the gifts you just spoke about. In other words, going to get a tarot card reading. I remember being interested in all of this as a young girl. I would love to hear more about what you've experienced. It sounds sacred. Maybe it's not something you share. Anyway, thanks for another session, Teena! ❤️