Intentional Pause
When we sit at a desk doing work of some kind, we can get lost in what we’re doing. Over time, our posture can get lazy causing unnecessary stress in our neck and thoughts of the past or future may arise. Just like that, we find ourselves out of the present moment. Working on my photography requires me to sit at my desk. While I don’t find my mind going into the past or future much anymore, I do find my body slouching after awhile. This causes unnecessary pain in my already tender neck and surrounding areas. Feeling this pain causes lack of focus as well as headaches. Therefore, as I continue to work on my photography today, I will remind myself to give myself an intentional pause to get out of my chair, stretch and move around every hour or so. When I get back into my chair, I will close my eyes, feel my feet on the ground, become conscious of my breath and most importantly, readjust my posture. Doing these things periodically throughout my day will give my body and mind the attention they so desire and deserve.