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Design the Day Ahead

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Alice Powell
Mindfulness & CYT Yoga Teacher, 500hr
You get to design the day ahead by making an active choice of how you show up. Together we will consciously use the breath to re-energize. Have a powerful day!
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Designing my day ahead
Today I learned that the day ahead of me is fully designed by me! I choose how I want to react, to speak, to move. Today I choose to do good for me! Today I choose me! Today I choose to have the best day possible! Namastê
Today I Choose...
Growing up, we may not have been given the best store on the block. Perhaps there were some cracked walls and windows and the roof leaked. As we grew, we moved on and out of the store. Perhaps we upgraded to a newer and bigger store. The store is sure appealing from the outside however, we had brought the same old clothes along with us. So, while the outside looks beautiful, the inside is much outdated. In this meditation, we are reminded that we get to choose which clothes to display and at which price point. Indeed, as Alice says, we are the designers of our life. Sitting in an upright position, I slowly stretched my arms to the sky. I began to take in some deep breaths into my lungs. With an audible sigh, the stale air was quickly forced out of my mouth. Feeling awake and alive, I turned my attention to how I want to design my day. Today I choose to show bright and colorful clothes. Today I choose a price point where every customer can have a piece of clothing. Today I choose to mix things up and put a display in a new place in my store. Today I choose to see goodness in my customers. Today I choose to close up my store a tad early so I may attend to any repairs my store may need. When I lay down to rest tonight, I will know that I had done everything in my power to design the best day possible for my store to succeed. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Design the Day Aheqd
I particularly like the affirmation, “I choose to have the best day ever”. Designing your day can be helped by, first thing when you wake up, getting out a journal and writing down a list of the things you WILL accomplish in that day, as well as things you are excited for.
Design The Day Ahead
Thank you for an amazing start to my day! I can set the tone
November 28
I need this everyday, I need to design my day every day and start to live my life with intention and on purpose! I will design my life from this day forward by constantly thinking of ways to improve myself. And by improving myself the effects will gradually affect the rest of my life and relationships. Day 1 down Lifetime to go!!!!
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