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Demons on a Boat

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This is a story about values and dealing with our personal demons, from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).
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Lots of thoughts!
Many many things, ideas, memories slipped through my head while listening to this story. I believe I have shaken most all of the demons plaguing me during my hospitalization and recovery these many months...I still have regrets over some of the things I’ve done in my life, but many have blessedly fallen by the wayside with my massive memory problems after my stroke! I’m more than happy to live free of them now!
...in a direction of what you value, of what is important to how you want to live your life and f the demons trying to come along for the ride. A worthy guide book : )
Letting go
This is so much about letting go and it speaks to me. Let go of fear of the unknown as well as fear of the loss of the comfortable. It’s such a difficult decision to make, but once you’re on the path the momentum is behind you and you’re moving forward.
Letting them Fall away from MY Life
I learned that these demons are only powerful when given control.
It’s up to me...
I felt like I learned, it’s you who’d ultimately decide or can take control of your future happiness. Uuuugh! I know there was an easier way of saying that.
They never go away...
I learned that the demons that will undermine me will never go away but if I face them every day without fail i will become stronger and they become weaker.
They’re never as bad as they appear.
My problem is that I always dwell on negative things and inflate them or speculate on how bad they are. I need to understand that they aren’t as bad as they seem and cannot let them take over my thoughts
is it really as bad as it seems to be?
things aren’t always as they appear to be in the moment. if we live our lives afraid to face the many challenges, if we live it too scared to go on, then how well of a life are we really leading? taking risks is part of the package to gaining more in a happy, purpose, adventure-filled life.
This app is worth every penny . They said reflection s too short gotta keep writing to post 😅
Demons on a boat
It really has been my own fears and anxieties holding me back from living life as I truly want to.
It’s such a great visual representation of what I’m currently dealing with, within myself. My own crippling anxiety and fears have kept me from loving and doing new exciting things. It was nice to be able to picture what I have been feeling!
Our thoughts contain demons
We need to recognise when it is their voices and not our own We must separate our thoughts, and treat any thoughts that are out of line with our values, as unwanted voices We can’t fight the evil creatures but we can learn to live with them and determine to untangle the demons cruel words from our own strong spirits The demons are invincible but we can learn to tolerate bad thoughts and choose not to give them power
Interesting rerun
1) I listened to this session long ago 2) I don't know exactly when since the developers have seen fit to remove the notation of time from reflections!😡 3) I FINALLY watched the movie Shazam this last week...it was REALLY good! Also, the seven deadly sins we're presented as scaryndemins and are how in envisioned Cassandra’s below-deck demons! Creeepppyyy!😳
EXCELLENT MEDITATION Long ago, a priest asked me: “What are your personal demons?” These demons have a name: EGO Your Ego says:” this is what want, this is what it is, this is the story I must tell. And it is to be told MY way.”
The last quote from Helen Keller says it all. Life should be an adventure and even when it’s not the adventure we pick making the most of it makes life better. There is always something positive to take away from every situation we just have to look a little harder to find it
I learned I am in control of my ship and that I can silence the demons by accepting them for what they are
So True!
No demon can take power from us. They only try to intimidate us into thinking they can.
This is AMAZING!!
Our demons are all our own! As Florence and the Machine says in her song ‘Shake It Off’, “...it’s hard to dance with the Devil on your back, so shake it off!”, this story reminds me of how much courage it can take to dance our demons away, figuratively speaking. -Matt xx
Truly amazing!
I learned that fear will always be there and to keep on the path no matter how many times you fall. It starts to get easier. You feel lighter less demons stay with you. Everyday is a practice to make this day better then yesterday to conquer more of those inner demons. Really needed this today super grateful! 😊🙏🏽
Demons on a Boat
The demons can’t touch you. They don’t mean anything. They are just thoughts. And a thought doesn’t mean anything.
Team wins on a ship
I learned from the story that’s the first step toothpaste in your fears is excepting the back but they will always be there to my next tent instead of putting your energy into trying to fight them and act like they don’t exist. Once you acknowledge but fear and unpleasant feelings are going to occur without trying to fight them you can learn to deemphasize the power of thought over the treatment of bugles and there for diminish it. Once you realize but negative thoughts are only thoughts and can only scare you without causing any harm , You become Less able to be affected by these thoughts (the demons under your deck) and more able to enjoy the good parts of pursuing whatever it is you choose to do Open parentheses mermaids, dolphins, and other wonderful creatures .) I am grateful to the folks who work for this app for putting this track together. While the ships journey is clearly a metaphor, it has taught me so my negative thoughts and we have this much power oh for me as I allowed them to, and then once I realize this fact I can enjoy life‘s journey Brittney adventure that it is. Thank you again for reminding me about Helen Keller‘s words and exposing me to This lesson . I also appreciate the community on this app for taking the time to read this post I hope everyone is OK, happy, and well. 
Acceptance of my life and how to deal with the demons around me. It’s okay to keep them around but make them Powerless.
It so helpful to externalize the demons, and be reminded that they can’t harm me. Awesome visualization that’s so helpful. Thank you
Personal demons
I need to learn more so I can keep one of mine at bay. It's getting easier. 🙏