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Dr. Liz Slonena
Mindful Hypnotherapist & Sleep Expert
Use nightly for 30 days for the best benefits. Want to sleep like a Yogi? Go on your inner adventure to fall asleep fast. I've added powerful theta wave binaural beats to allow your body and mind to relax & recharge quickly. Yoga Nidra is a centuries-old hypnotic meditation technique that allows you to enter a hypnagogic state that mimics sleep. While your body rests, your mind is blissfully awake .enters a relaxing yet alerting adventure. Easily and effortlessly, you are able to tap into your own source of resource, intuition, creativity, health, and abundance. Yoga Nidra combines meditation with hypnotic techniques to cultivate calm. Dr. Liz
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3 reflections
Calming down over time. Awake but relaxed. In tune with God and with my authentic self and desires.
I can take things one day at a time based on what feels right and like the loving thing at the moment. I also realize that I am human. I love myself. I am loved and held.
Not sure what I’m supposed
To do. I can’t get out of this screen. I want to feel in sync with body’s need and my higher power.
I don’t miss the relationship, I miss the things that I had because of it. The house, my office, the nice dinners, my dogs, the future. I don’t really even miss much of the family. I just don’t like being kicked out.