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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide & Media Magician at Majik Media
Be like a cat and sleep deep. This meditation will help guide you back into your body and let go of your day, so that you can fall fast asleep... fast being the key word here!
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8 reflections
Sleep like a cat
I really loved this meditation and it works like a charm for me. Thank you so much to whoever made this
Deep Breathing
As you breathe deeply, your body becomes more relaxed. This meditation guides you into deep breathing practices so you can drift off into a deep sleep.
I guess I slept like a cat! But in seriousness: the guided breathing to let out my cares of the day on the exhale was just what I needed and the music and tone of his voice was a perfect combination to be soothing and relaxing. Definitely one of the best going to sleep meditations that I have tried so far, working on breath with letting go of troubles, having moments to focus on relaxing the body and also moments of gratitude. This seemed to cover it all and stop my mind from going off on too many tangents. Thank you to the creator of this one and to Aura! 🙏
Can’t sleep
Nothing is working to help me fall asleep but this was relaxing and a good meditation.
Deep sleep now!
I tried this last night and loved it. The mans voice is so calm and soothing. Its sent me off to sleep!!! I'm really struggling with pain and sleep but this app is worth it's wait in gold. So I am going to do this medication again tonight sleep here I come!! Thank you!! :) :)
Great meditation! ❤️
It helped turning my thoughts off and simply relax and sleep.
I loved it
It helped me to reduce all stress and anxiety Thank you so much
Deep sleep now
I use a Bipap at night. Even with maximum volume it was hard to hear Mr.Morris. (In all fairness, it was recommended that I have my hearing tested.) I appreciated Mr.Morris’ beautiful, gentle voice. I was able to do the breathing part and found that it relaxed me. I was able to fall asleep faster than normal.