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Deep Sleep & Increase Happiness - 8D

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Mark Bowden
Clinical Hypnotherapist
This session has been designed to help you sleep deeply and at the same time to naturally develop your inner happiness. This is the 8D Immersive Audio version of this session. The regular version is also available here on Aura.
From the community
2 reflections
I am learning to let my body relax and I really enjoy that feeling. Because of chronic pain often at the moderate to severe level, I am tense and it is a vicious circle. Since I began with the nightly hypnosis (and some daytime too!), I are some days I take less medication. Thank you for this wonderful gift.
I was skeptical after that this would help or be something I could or would believe in, but I’ve noticed a huge shift in my mornings and my thoughts after one night listening to this. After 3-4 nights, I can see a big improvement in my days. I’m more active, less resistant to change, and able to express myself more clearly.
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