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Deep Sleep & Easy Weight Loss Hypnosis

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Dr. Liz Slonena
Mindful Hypnotherapist & Sleep Expert
Good sleep is the secret to easy weight loss. Train your brain to be a healthy and a better sleeper. Use nightly for 30 days for the best effects. This mindful hypnosis track for weight loss uses brainwave entrainment binaural beats to allow your body and mind to relax & sleep deeply. Mindful hypnosis combines the power of mindfulness and hypnotic suggestions to become a healthier eater, better sleeper, lose weight, and enhance your confidence and control. Easily and effortlessly, you are able to tap into your own source of resource, intuition, creativity, health, and abundance. Sweet dreams, brilliant beings ~ Dr. Liz Slonena
From the community
3 reflections
I was flying in my dream again last night 🙏❤️‍🩹grateful for this app and sleep hypnosis and lots of prayer 🙏
In Jesus’ name amen 🙏 this is by far my favorite sleep hypnosis session her voice was angelic like and I fell fast asleep ! I have yet to listen to the session in it’s entirety but that’s a good thing! I’m sleeping 😴 I will continue to utilize this app and sleep hypnosis session until I hear it entirely thank you Aura
I knew I had to leave
I learned that losing my job isn’t the end of the world. I’d already been mentally saying goodbye. This fucking job was breaking me and killing my spirit. It was never going to work. Marlo and Sheree wanted me to quit.
Morning 1
I feel like I slept deeply. Which is rare for me. My back is killing me per usual. I only have a slight headache this morning, and I didn’t wake up starving! So it looks like I’m off to a good start. Hopefully I can keep it consistent. That’s always my problem. My plan for today is to stretch, eat a light breakfast and then start cleaning. I hope to work up a meal plan for next week. I never can seem to finish one fully or stick to it. But here goes to trying again!
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