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Deep Sleep (Beads)

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David Hughes
Relaxation & Sleep Music Composer
Having trouble getting to sleep? Try listening to this soothing soundscape blended with the relaxing sound and ASMR trigger of beads moving in and out of the composition. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is the term used for the sensation some people get when they encounter certain types of visuals or sounds. Many people describe it as a 'feel good' sensation or sometimes described as a tingling in the head. Not everyone will experience this, and others say the feeling can be deeply relaxing or induce sleep.
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3 reflections
Deeply Relaxed
This session has no guidance at all. I was feeling a little wound up at the end of the day. Laying on my couch, starting with a diaphragmatic breathing technique while listening to the soothing background sounds, I feel my mind and body begin to relax. Continuing to listen to the soothing sounds, I let my breathing return to normal. Throughout this session, I feel all sorts of cool sensations such as tingling all over and a cool breeze. By the end my mind and body is very relaxed and ready for sleep. I really enjoyed this experience and will revisit it again.
More annoying than anything
Played this to relax but the monotone “music” and fast moving beads make it more annoying than relaxing. Clearly someone hasn’t put the work in to make this a legit effort.
Relaxation Time !
Is very important for your health and wellness ! The less anxiety the better 🌵