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Declutter- Let Prosperity Flow Into You

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Katie Krimitsos
Creator, Women's Meditation Network
Today’s morning meditation will help you declutter any conscious or unconscious stories or beliefs that are blocking prosperity from flowing to you easily.
From the community
4 reflections
Marques Pizarro
Calming and releasing
Beautiful session to remind you that everything’s okay. Past worries and future anxieties fade and perish when we breath we prosperity and peace.
Nakia Black
Soul is full
I learned that you can say your souk is full and aligned and really feel that and that prosperity is an energy you can allow in to replace reasons why you think you are separated from your vision
Clear a space
I learned that search what is a block to allowing thoughts to obtain goals. Next release them to clear the way for the positive prosperity that you are worthy of.
Saw the green light
I learned that if I let go and focus on my breath that I can see colors. Envisioning things is not easy for me. I can feel when I meditate, but I can’t see. When I do experience things like colors or shapes it’s very exciting!