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Decide - Meditation for New Beginnings

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Katie Krimitsos
Creator: Women's Meditation Network
The intention of this morning’s meditation is to give you a space to make your decisions from a place of hope and possibility.
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Every moment we find ourselves in presence is a moment we can begin anew. A moment to begin anew with our breath. A moment to begin anew with making a decision. In this meditation, Katie gives us a few nuggets of wisdom in regards to making a decision and then we make it. In order to do anything in life, we have to make decisions. Depending upon which decision we choose will not only determine how we feel in any moment, our decision(s) will also determine the path we want to go down in life. Where we put our focus when we make a decision is vital. Instead of Thinking about our decision(s), we must Feel our decision(s). Sitting in an upright position, I brought awareness to my breath. Breathing in a little deeper than normal, my mind met my body in the present. Relaxing in the Now, I focused on Katie’s words of wisdom. Following her direction, I placed my hands over my belly and asked myself which decision I was ready to make. Because I didn’t feel anything in particular at first, I went back to sensing my deepest desires and especially my why’s for those desires by placing one hand over my heart. Listening from a place of hope, acceptance and possibility, I began to feel my answer. Knowing this decision came from my intuition, I will trust it wholeheartedly. Now it is time to take intentional action! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Meditation for new beginnings
I just decided to tell my kids I love them more often 😍🥰 Thank you, it helped me in the process of getting rid of myself as a grumpy mum.
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