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Decide - Meditation for New Beginnings

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Katie Krimitsos
Creator, Women's Meditation Network
The intention of this morning’s meditation is to give you a space to make your decisions from a place of hope and possibility.
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3 reflections
This was a nice meditation. I am going through a big conflict and it was hard for me to center me thoughts. I will return to this again when things are not so painful
Why I did not care for this meditation -
Content was excellent but I had a difficult time getting past the inclusion of a quotation of Michelle Obama - it was not necessary to include a celebrity quote (and a polarizing celebrity at that) honestly felt it took away from the whole meditation
It is important to not make decisions based on fear or grief. So what is it I truly want? My mind was quick to answer that question. However, as I continued focusing on my breath, I connected with my heart space which lead me to the true answer. I have been giving the universe mixed signals on what it is I want. Now, it is time to start using the power of manifestation along with responding from a place of love to receive what I am seeking. I am choosing to let go of the past. Today, is a new beginning.
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