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Dealing with Procrastination Part 3

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In an attempt to avoid uncomfortable emotions, we often find ourselves procrastinating. But in reality, when we procrastinate, we usually end up feeling worse. In this session, learn how to deal with difficult or unpleasant feelings and overcome procrastination. 
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4 reflections
Discomfort will not ruin my life
I love that there was another part to address procrastination, because I am still procrastinating and appreciate very much the help
Recognising that feeling of discomfort, isn’t something I do. I just get swept away with the overriding emotion that is holding me back. So I WILL notice when I’m avoiding a situation and I WILL consider how good/relived I shall feel on the other side of the task. It’s funny how I just go into autopilot when I’m avoiding tasks and this lesson sheds light on how I’m currently dealing with certain situations in my life. I NEED to think differently and I WILL practice to think differently.
Improve your life by facing discomfort
This track is a great reminder to face, rather than avoid, discomforting situations. The more we face those discomforts, the easier it gets and better we deal with them. By dealing with them, we can live a better, richer life.
She’s right!
I totally procrastinate because Certain tasks give me anxiety or make me uncomfortable to fail or be judged after the task is done. 🤦🏾‍♀️ smh I have got to change my mindset