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Dealing with Procrastination Part 2

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What beliefs keep you stuck in your procrastination? Learn the beliefs or assumptions that are enabling your procrastination and how to deal with these.
From the community
12 reflections
How’d she do that!
I felt as if she were in my thoughts. Just thinking of my procrastination brought up some pretty serious anxiety for me. Avoidance is one of those not so helpful or healthy “skills” that I have mastered. Yet it becomes this “beast” that takes over every cell, every fiber of my being. I freeze unable to move. Maybe not so well mastered after all. I, today, set the intention of getting rid of this beast. I am a believer in the power of writing, it’s like ok, I just put that out in the universe. I also believe a pure intention receives help from the universe when it’s written. I will not be alone...
This hit the nail right on the head for me, I am embarrassed to say. I can always find something I would prefer to do, figuring I will do the necessary tasks later, but they often don’t get done. This causes sleepless nights and me being angry with myself. Have never given this much attention BUT have decided now is the time to work on this, starting today! Ugh...won’t be fun or easy, I am certain. Here I go! Thanks!
What I’ve needed to hear
I’ve always wondered why I procrastinate so much. This finally gave me answers. Thank you. I learned I really need to work on my self-confidence in order to break this habit.
Every word she said reminded me of a time that I procrastinated! And helped me understand why I did it. Now that I understand it I will work towards bettering my time management skills!
High Performance
When I step outside of my thought to not doing the tasks I want to accomplish. Then make a choice as to why the task exists and gets completed then I am highly effective
I experienced several sparks of excitement because I recognized many of my feelings & thought processes when procrastinating. I'll try her suggestions to move forward.
Beating procrastination
What excuse am I telling myself as to why I cannot do the task at hand now? Is that excuse true? Whether it is true or not, what would be the kinder thing I could do for myself right now—to do it or to wait? Procrastination is a choice and I have to recognize the behavior, identify the story or excuse I am telling myself, and actively think about whether I want to delay with the helpful criteria of what is kinder to myself. That makes it a choice and not a cycle or battle. Sometimes procrastination feels like being stuck in the mud or in quicksand, and I just move my to-do items from one day to the next. I am excited to make this mud into steps and paths/decisions that I can choose to take one by one.
Procrastination byte
Calling out reasons for procrastinating include fear of failure. Deep breath tell body to get out of fight/flight mode.
Check in
I learned that I should think about if what I’m doing serves me. Am I going to feel better afterwards.
Needed this
I feel like I just got some tough love 💕 I wanna do better with my procrastination and learn to eliminate it.
What I learned
Rules and assumptions Beliefs that keep us stuck in procrastination behaviors that enable this action Fear of failure or disapproval - excuse for why we don’t do well - blame it on time instead of being good enough Low self confidence - believe we can’t do things, not capable and don’t have the skills Fear of uncertainty or catastrophe - I need to know or o can’t handle it Need to be in charge - done in a particular way We are too tired, stressed, unmotivated or we should always have fun These assumptions turn into excuses and get stuck in a cycle of avoidance - discomfort of task The more we avoid - the harder it becomes - harder to get out of the cycle Inner perfectionist - Adjust these unhelpful excuses Need to consider - Is this actually true? Do I have lots of time? Do I need to be in control? Consequences - sleepless, stress Check in - what is helpful and am I telling myself excuses
Close to home
I’m always amazed at how similar we all truly are. I’ve said all these excuses and it’s so helpful to be confronted with the reality that these are unhelpful behaviors!