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Dealing With Procrastination Part 1

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Procrastination. We're all guilty of it. And yet how do we overcome it? In this session, learn about why we procrastinate and helpful skill for coping with it. 
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I learned that I may be a bit of a procrastinator sometimes but this always back fires on me because I like to have things done and I struggle or even get angry that I am feeling overwhelmed in the end.
I learned that we can procrastinate a lot. But we need to know how we procrastinate. This for me usually happens when I am studying. I tend to be lazy and procrastinate. But now, I want to limit procrastination and be more proactive.
“Wants” and “Needs”
I’ve learnt that I should do the things that I “need” to get done before I do the things that I “want” to get done.
That it will make you feel better and help you if you don’t procrastinate and get what needs to be done done.
Procrastinating 1
I procrastinate sometimes because I am afraid of failing a big task. I can also control myself if I really try to. I can close my eyes and remember what it feels like when I procrastinate, and that will help motivate me on my task at hand.
I know that I procrastinate because I dread the task. Just thinking about the task makes me uneasy. Once I tackle the task I feel much better.
I have to be honest with myself. What is holding me back from completing that big task. I am not fully sure yet, I have to continue to reflect.
Procrastinating stinks
I learned and realized how much I truly avoid things and I learned what those triggers are
Today I procrastinated instead of exercising. I find myself doing this quite often because I do not enjoy exercising. It is like a job to me. I will listen more to hear more tips on how I can avoid this habit in the future. Exercise is important to keep my body healthy.
i actually do fight this battle and its something i need to work with
With less procrastination I could feel relieved and not stressed about the task I’m procrastinating about.
Dealing with Procrastination
Take it in step at a time- giving myself permission “to do” instead of what needs to be done is not helping. I’m trying to schedule my mundane task early in the day so I have higher energy to deal with it.
So, there are a few important tasks I need to complete but just can’t seem to. What’s holding me back? Me! Why can’t I find the motivation to continue???
When I’m tense I get overwhelmed and procrastinate more. When I exercise or practice yoga I have more tolerance for those stressful tasks.
I learned that its not just me that gets an uneasy feeling, anxiety, and a feeling of guilt while dealing with procrastination. I need to ask myself if I really need to do a certain task, or why I need to do it. Focus on things that are more convenient and useful.
I learned that I procrastinate when I have a lot of things to do or if I just feel like I have a lot of things to do. I’ve decided I need to write down all the things I feel I need to get done and assign a real priority to them. Not everything is a 1.
I feel i'm so great human , i love aura ❤️ , when i lessone to them i feel am so comfortabel thanks
I'm strong girl and i must reading books and watching moveis and get the best thing of them , and l have to take the life normal sleep, eat , and learn .
Walter J
It is so easy to do most things... once you get started! I have heard it said and I agree that “a job well started, is already half done!” So why is it so difficult to get started? I believe It is partially due to that overcoming inertia thing - “a body at rest tends to stay at rest...” thus the answer is the 2nd part of that saying “unless acted upon by an outside force.” It typically takes a force outside of us to get us moving. Perhaps a friend or spouse can entice us to get moving, or maybe a prayer for God to give a us a friendly kick in the seat to get going. (Just be careful what you ask for) Sometimes it’s a boss or a coworker that can “motivate” us. That’s why it can be important to be careful who we hang around with. But ultimately, it is up us to become self motivated and just take that first step. We probably need to rewrite or rewire our programming to allow ourselves the freedom to fail if it does not work. And to celebrate any and all wins no matter how small. And once we get started, then that inertia thing actually works in our favor, “a body in motion tends to stay in motion...” and it is easier to keep on keeping on!! I suggest to start with the end in mind and visualize the successful outcome you want. Repeat this until you can see it so clear & you get sooo excited about it that you are beyond the point of Having to have it... and once you get to the point of “you cannot live without it” ... then just apply your seat to the chair and begin! Build that a Burning Desire and let it fire you up! ❤️☮️🍀
Label procrastination
I learned that procrastination feels like my body is walking through a pool of slime. It feels lethargic and unproductive.
Need more like this!
Once I get started it is hard for me to stop. But I often put self-care tasks in front of starting. It’s time to “get real” with myself. No, I don’t NEED an iced coffee to send an email.
I am procrastinating on my job applications. Also on my schoolwork. Neither are Tasks I believe I can do well, hence I want to procrastinate when it comes to doing them. I trick myself into believing that I need to do it later or that I am not capable of doing it now. I allow my black dogs to run roughshod inside me and empower my harmful machines, feeding my negative failure-based frameworks in the process. I feel shame when I procrastinate. Disappointment in myself as well for not being able to do the task immediately. This often leads to self beaus and eventually, a meltdown which causes me to lose even more precious time in the process of getting my work done. I need to acknowledge my machines faster, but more importantly, need to stop feeding my failure based frameworks. I am completely capable of doing well on these assignments. I just need to give myself the permission to do so. Same goes for the job applications.
The hard truth
Hurts to hear that this is exactly me all the time but happy to be able to receive some clarity, enlightenment, and guidance. The first step is identifying the problem. Check ✔️
I have learned that I should stop making excuses to justify procrastination. Notice when it is happening. Ask myself “What does procrastination make me feel?” Label it in a non judgmental way to better identify with it.
I noticed that dealing with procrastination like I’m delaying to go to the store or was getting my pedicure or mani for my nails this past Monday . I feel happiness when I see my son and my man 😀😘.
Procrastination prone
I know I am a master of procrastination! However, I have several important tasks I SIMPLY MUST tackle tomorrow! I'll do them! I'll get them done! My wife fed me a good meal. Now for some good rest to get myself ready! Goodnight Aura!
Put it off...
This session hit the nail on the head, for me and my partner. He is working to finish his PhD, stuck in a job that no longer fulfills him, and the task at hand to plan and write his comps is overwhelming. So too is the thought of being in his job for another school year... but the focus and drive to revise/create paper outlines, resumes, narrative responses is too great to muster. It is all too easy to let the fatigue and lack of motivation get, and then stay, in the way.
I’m happy
It’s really nice when you hear birds chirping outside and u listen to this. It’s so relaxing
I know that I’m the queen of procrastination, and I really want to change it. I learnt some tips on how to avoid and stop procrastination. Overall, I feel like this recording was way too short and should cover more material.
Exacly what i need to hear tonite
I just had a tense conversation with my partner about the project that we’re doing together. Because of this issue. I kept postponing the part i need to do.
I procrastinate a lot but that’s okay
I learned that I can agree that I can procrastinate a lot. I usually day dream or do other stuff from the big task.I’m always helpless,anxious or depressed. But I just have to smile and deal with the big task because I know I can do this big task there’s no thing stopping me.
I learned that I actually like procrastinating. I’m in high school and every single week there seems to be a new assignment. I tend to do half of the assignment through time and then once I have one to two weeks left until the due date, I finish it off.
I learned that I need to know what procrastination looks and feels like to be in the moment when I catch myself doing it. That way I store that feeling and learn more often when I'm doing it and assess is my priorities when it comes to the tasks I'm doing to AVOID the real thing task that needs to be done.
i don’t agree that procrastination is a choice. i do believe it is something you can overcome.
I learned that I need to be mindful of procrastination. Noticing it is the first step.
Not always negative
I procrastinate a lot. Basically everything I do, but it's all by choice. I do it intentionally and I work better. If I have a paper to write I do some of my best thinking when I'm pressed for time. For me it seems my brain focuses on the time aspect so I get things done, but if I do it knowing I have spare time my ADHD kicks in and all of a sudden I notice every thing else happening around me. It's a vicious cycle that doesn't always work for everyone.
It’s as if the universe knew I needed to hear this right now. When it comes to big projects, stress and anxiety can get in my way of accomplishing my goals. This talk was helpful in providing some examples of how to deal with this very experience.
The game we play with ourselves.
It was so much truth spoken in this short. I often times make deals with myself to delay doing something important. Only to repeat that same ordeal with another deal as push the task back once Moore. It’s almost a little comical how, in just listening to this, I called to mind a few times I’ve done this just yesterday. Lol. But it is something that can be mastered with some effort and this reminder was a great start.
I chose sad
The little session had nothing to do with how I was feeling. Another example how it doesn’t really relate, it just has a list of items to play.
Loving myself
I learned I really need to love myself more and be confident in who I truly am.
I will do it.. 💪
I learn that it’s time to make list for my important things to do.. Last week I felt frustrated about my homework and I delayed to do them . Now it’s time to give myself time to feel more convenient and finish everything on time..
This is definitely a problem of mine. I will definitely try to notice when I am doing it and how it feels. I look forward to the rest of this series.
guilty, a lesson learned before, relearned, then reminded again and again, i will learn how to identify when im procrastinating, i will start now, but first i will have 5 mins of meditation in aura before doing to do list tomorrow😇
Procrastination is a choice!!! I need to choose myself and begin to seriously prepare for my exams and not be screwing around!!
I am the queen
Procrastination comes easily for me. I can always find another way to spend my time. I delay starting a project. I celebrate a small success. I waste time repeating the same unproductive behavior. Little by little I make progress.
Procrastination made me a monster. I kept delaying important works and made feel anxious and low self esteem. I feel like I'm useless. Thank you for pointing it out :)
I learnt that procrastination is the action of putting a task off for later when needing to do something in a specific amount of time. This has helped me realise that I procrastinate a lot and has also helped me to deal with it positively
with finals week coming up, i’ve been doing just about everything to avoid doing my assignments. this meditation made me realize that what i have to do isn’t terrible or hard, i just need to work at it.
i too procrastinate
i learned i procrastinate even when i attempt to study. i currently in finals week and unfortunately have been procrastinating.
Not alone
I’m glad to know that I’m not alone. I can take a moment to recognize my feelings when I’m procrastinating. Then, be aware of the unwanted feelings so that I can validate my feelings, my actions and follow up with better reassurance. Planning is easy, but working and completing something can really enhance our well-being.
Name it for what it is -
I’ve been procrastinating with my studies. With a big exam coming up in just 25 days, I’m feeling extremely nervous, anxious, and overwhelmed. I feel behind, and am worried that by cutting my study time on topics short to review all topics, I’m setting myself up for failure. So I’m procrastinating, and it makes me feel even more anxious and overwhelmed. I’ve named it for what it is, and I know how procrastinating makes me feel (which is worse than studying and actually sticking with it). I’m going to do my best today. And it may not be perfect, but I know that I at least tried 😌
Dealing with Procrastination
Maybe I am not just distracted.... I am procrastinating. Now when I realize that I am doing so many things instead of what I should be doing, I will identify that I was procrastinating without judging myself and get back to the task at hand... no matter how many times it takes
I can handle my anxiety
I can handle my emotions. I am in control over every one of my emotions
04 22.2019/00h06
I have stuff to do. Like, yesterday. I am so behind. This is just stressing me out even more.
I often feel more tired when I’m am not doing the task in hand
Stronger Mentally
I’ve learnt that procrastination can be beaten if you just give yourself the objective to go completely against what can hinder you and hold you back just push yourself to be better than lazy
I learned that I do this a lot at work and need to find strategies to help me to stop as this is effecting me and my job in a negative way.
June 5th, 2019
Procrastination makes you feel guilty and even more stressed. Plan a time to do the task and when you feel overwhelmed just close your eyes and think.
2 am shift
Today I am feeling lazy. Feeling unmotivated I’m feeling like I could be doing more for myself generally
happpiness insight
today i feel everything about me is wrong and all of those problems are me but after hearing it i feel better
The first step is to admit and acknowledge when you are procrastinating.
it’s hard being in the military and going through college. i find myself tired after work and not completing my homework and assignments
Such a good reminder that there are consequences to procrastinating. Consequences that only bring more stress .
Be aware
I rarely give myself the time to work out and whenever I plan on doing it, I usually procrastinate and convince myself that I will do it tomorrow. This meditation helps me be aware of how i I feel right before I decide to procrastinate and this will help me get over it.
That’s me!
I learned not to delay the tasks, but to handle them immediately
I don’t like procrastination
I learned that sometimes you just can’t procrastinate it’ll just get in the way of everything you doing life so yeah I think your voice is coming and I like life coaching thank you goodbye
I realized that
I am in a constant cycle of procrastinating. I procrastinate, then I hate myself for it, but yet I don't do anything to make it better. By catching yourself in the act and being mindful, you are being real with yourself and living your own truth.
~ liesel b ~
Day 1 (Meditation 2)
The cycle of feelings that accompany procrastination was described almost exactly! First comes the action, then the guilt and deal-brokering. This cycle can make us feel anxious, guilty, and hopeless. A lot of procrastination, and a lot of what causes these awful feelings, is the small things that are so small it’s simply default to put them off until something larger is done. I have a tip to offer: If something takes less than five minutes of your time to complete, just do it. You’ll feel immensely relieved afterwards, and slowly and steadily you’ll build good habits. ✌️❤️
Christine Marie
Consent redo, use list, website , wellness freedom from label ie no “I gotta be..go..take..quit.try”
it doesn’t matter if I get to work because no matter what I do I’m dented debendent description like Roth IRA milenial etc smart learning put under with capita and credit and it’s not updating fast enough but I do a job I also do another job if allowed on tos sometime ago maybe I could say I do work I pay bills but I’m like kept from it and it’s a blessing mostly but I thought of all that today I’ll get one task of each area Today’s list is Consent redo, use list, website , wellness freedom from label ie no “I gotta be..go..take..quit.try” and 2 pm meet zoom dk plan
Just do it
Often times we think that it’s easier to just not think about the things we HAVE to do, & just postpone it by doing other things that don’t have the same level of “importance”. Even though it feels like you are being productive, you’re just prolonging the moment that you actually NEED to have something done. Organize yourself & your time by just writing a schedule that you can follow, so that you can reward yourself with some “you” time after getting something done.
Shame and Guilt
I noticed that I feel shame, guilt, and disappointment when I procrastinate. This past weekend I procrastinated on my timesheets. I knew they were due Friday but I also knew I could put it off until Monday, when I would get the now or never reminder. I shouldn’t need that or use it. There were no excuses. I owned this behavior, and am working on improving! 🙏🏼🤟🏼🥰
I feel anxious and guilt when this happens. Aggravated when I should have done it, but I didn’t
First session
I learned that procrastination is something everyone deals with so I don’t have to put shame and pressure on myself when I push back some things I rather not deal with right then. I have also learned that it’s better to really think it through, for example, “Do I really need to organize my whole room right now instead of finishing my english paper?”
When I really think about how it feels to procrastinate it gives me a pit in my stomach I always feel that because my job is hard and emotionally taxing at times that I deserve to procrastinate as part of self care. I didn’t realize I was rewarding myself with negative feelings.
Notice the pause
Learning to pause in life, maybe before responding to something you don’t want to hear, answering the other person before they are finished speaking....
My self awareness!!!
I learned that I put a lot off.. When I could do it there and then!!! I need to accept that I have been procrastinating for ages and break my habit!!!
I learned that I procrastinate to avoid dealing with issues because they make me feel disappointed in myself
Dr Alicia and Dr Kassandra
I admit that I am a Dr of procrastination. I just relish putting what I really should be doing on the back burner and what I need doing to the front. The 7 year itch is a needed break from the daily drudge of just working and going home. The key word is a break from having to be responsible. Just letting go a little goes a long way to solving life’s quirky little swamps that we have to navigate through. Thanks for sharing this needed reminder that has a value added benefit. ❤️
I noticed that I’ve been procrastinating right before and while doing assignments.
These distractions are enablers to my procrastination. The tea making and such.
I feel a little weird with this one. I don’t feel unmotivated to do things and procrastinate. Just doing things iI have to do make me feel better in the end. I usually tend to procrastinate on things that I feel will nit have any real outcome.
Lesson on procrastination
I learned that when you procrastinate we tend to find excuses to procrastinate. Like saying if I watch Tv now for about an hour, I will feel more rested and will be able to work better, when in reality all you are going to do is sit down for the rest of the day and watch Tv.
Reasons for Procrastination
I procrastinate because I am afraid I won’t be able to succeed at doing the required task, and often, the task gives me anxiety by the sheer size of it. I know you eat an elephant a bite at a time, but how do you take the first bite? How do you continue eating?
I catch myself procrastinating when I am afraid of failing or projecting ahead and fear judgement. That brings on the freeze response and I have a range of procrastination strategies The result is increased stress with the task still needing to be done. I have developed some different strategies to use when I catch myself putting tasks off...
Well it actually seems like I’ve heard this all before.
It’s like I go through these same issues regularly and I sometimes even succeed, but I can’t be succeeding because here I am again. I may have more going on in my mind and in my life than I know what to do with. How did I get like this, I mean so completely out of touch with myself and also other people, when all I want is to connect. It’s my kids mostly I think, I miss em so so so so much and Tara as well. I wish things were different and in a good way, I wish things didn’t end up with a tragic and sad death, and not just the death of my dear baby daughter Tylar, but it turns out also the death of my family in a sense.
Worlds worst procrastinator
I always know I’m doing it, I just can’t stop!! I need more ways to deal with procrastination.
I learned that I tend to procrastinate when I spend money on items that I don’t need. Avoiding where my money should go.
Avoid the task at hand can have negative effects. However, if I get real with myself and go after the task head on, I’ll avoid procrastination and better myself at getting stuff done.
Dealing with procrastination
What I’m feeling about putting things off that I dread having to start or get in to doing, is exactly what the meaning of what procrastinating is. And I’m not happy with myself until I get whatever it is that I’m putting off, done.
I learned it is one of the underlying issues of anxiety, feelings of dread and periods paralyzation in my life.. it’s a catch 22. Been doing it for decades.. how to break out of this?
-Procrastination is ultimately a CHOICE- there’s nothing passive about it
-We often procrastinate when we have something very important up ahead -We piddle to avoid the task at hand Negative consequences- don’t get important task done, don’t like the way we feel about ourselves. To avoid guild we feel about procrastinator we justify it and make deals wish ourselves (if I watch one hour of tv now, I’ll be less tired later and can do the task then) We need to get real with ourselves and notice when we are procrastinating (do I really need to clean the kitchen before I get ready for the day?) WHAT DOES PROCRASTINATION MEAN TO ME?
What I learned
It’s an active choice. It’s about avoidance. We will seek out things that are fun or clean or sleep to escape a certain task. There are negative consequences to avoiding these tasks. Negative emotions: feel disappointed, frustrated and hopeless. To avoid guilt, we generate excuses and try to justify and broker behavior. It is important to notice when we are trying to delay. What does it feel like? Tension, unease, dread, hopelessness and uncertainty. Need to non judgmentally label how we feel.
It’s a choice foreshore. I need to ask myself questions when I know that I’m doing it.
Deal With It Quetta
Procrastination is a choice. And often leads to guilt, and disappointment afterwards. I also feel like I’m in a conflict with procrastination when I dread a big task ahead or important decision I have to do.
I knew proscrastination is a choice I’m engaging with, a bad choice which I tend to do when something is challenging either physically or emotionally.
I learned that I’m avoiding uncomfortable feelings but creating other bad feelings so it is not helpful. I need to practise self strength to get things done and be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable in order to get things done and feel the reward of the positive feelings as the outcome of completing difficult tasks.
Kelsey Gerber
I really do procrastinate a lot, and I blame it on my anxiety, but then I feel a lot of guilt, and worthlessness that I didn’t get done the things I wanted to because I would tell myself “I’ll feel less anxious in a few hours” but I tend to feel more anxious as the day goes on since I have not done any of my tasks at hand, and then I completely shut down.
Procrastination is more about dopamine than this simplistic “introduction “.
as a new SUBSCRIBER, I’m not feeling it. Still, I’ll try anything once… or,maybe twice.
this is me
For the most part I just validation of this is me. And that’s important. I do procrastinate on certain things. Not and everything. I’m someone who does the funny little tasks, sort cupboards, I will paint my back deck. i’ll to avoid making phone calls paying bills and things like that. I don’t get it? LOL I do love the idea of checking in with myself. And seeing what’s going on and yes I do have to stop myself from doing it one last thing and just sitting down and doing it that helps that’s a great reminder. it’s often what my therapist said. I hate it when she’s right 😂