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Dealing with Difficult Emotions

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This exercise is called Soften, Soothe, Allow. Lets's begin...
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Shamis Patry
I had these horrible feelings in my stomach from overthinking and all i wanted was to get them out. But now I've learned to allow them to stay. And I'm glad I did.
Made me feel a lot better about myself and my surroundings:)
I learned to love myself more and to love every single part of me that I disliked
Made me feel like I was somewhere else and always from everything it help me breath
Using anger
Overwhelming anger brought me this meditation today. My anger was being driven by feelings of abandonment, mistrust, and isolation.
Anger is an emotion I've always had trouble dealing with. I'm very tempered but as I've gotten older I've learned to control it somewhat but sometimes there are times where it becomes difficult to have it under control. Today was one of those difficult days & I remembered scrolling through this meditation so I tried it & I actually do feel calmer. I learned it's okay to feel this emotion & not wish for it to go away. Being with it & embracing it makes it easier for it to actually pass.
Soften. Soothe. Allow.
3 key words to remember and to repeat to yourself during anxious feelings.
Most useful meditation yet!
I have been searching for a way to cope with difficult emotions and I was very upset about something at the time I did this. What a difference it made! Instead of walling off my feelings or spinning in my mind about it for hours on end, this gave me a lovely, practical way to move through my feelings. If only the world could learn this meditation.
Finding an answer
Not every trouble in life has to have an answer, letting go helps just as well.
i just started school yesterday and already have a lot of homework. in these past two days i've been feeling a lot of anxiety&stress which are some of the worst feelings in the world. i clicked on my aura app and meditated and it truly helped me!! i am going to treat the rest of the year with a positive, mindful attitude and be grateful for my education. ❤️
Soften, Soothing, Allowing
Anxiety is the most uncomfortable feeling and my instinct is to make it go away immediately. I love this meditation because it allows space for acceptance of my anxiety. It's allowed to be here.
Grief feels like a hole in the pit of my stomach
Somehow, recognizing that my emotions effect me physically validates them. Makes them more real and tangible. And maybe that will help me accept the painful ones and maybe the accepting will help ease the pain.
Learning to sit with difficult feelings
This meditation reminded me to comfort my difficult feelings instead of avoiding them. I feel much more at peace.
Dealing With Difficult Emotions
On a difficult day such as this, when I am facing new challenges and tough health decisions, this meditation helped me to identify my emotions with self compassion. I end my exhausting day with gratitude. Namaste🙏🏻
Trying to rid myself of anxiety
I learned that trying to rid myself of anxiety doesn't work. Fighting it, won't make it go away. If I were to look at my outer circumstances, I have nothing to be anxious about but something deep lurks within. Sometimes I wonder if the woman I married 10 months ago was the woman for me. She's amazing in so many ways. Sometimes I wonder if I should even be married. We're now working on having a baby because we want to be parents and would make an amazing team! Feelings of anxiety come up for me when I think of having a baby, yet there's a deep desire to have one. At the same time, I wonder so many things and sometimes feel like I'll be trapped for the rest of my life. Today's exercise was somewhat helpful. Maybe there's a light at the end of the tunnel.
I learned...
That I need to accept my unwanted feelings and be at peace with them in order to continue bearing them. There is no use for struggling with a natural reaction my body is having and I'm thankful and grateful that this meditation helped me realize this.
Dealing with difficult emotions
My irritability is often overwhelming and this Meditation really went straight to the point and source and dealt with it. Love the putting your hand on your heart it helped so much. I so often feel overwhelmed by everyone including my 7 month old Staffords puppy attention seeking and do want to deal with things when I AM READY ready and not when everyone demands it. Thank you for AURA ... life saver ❤️
There is a kind of healing that comes from seeing and allowing without trying to fix or remove.
Where to go
It's hard to find a space to be alone and meditate. The crutch closet worked today. It would be rare for anyone to come disturb me. Especially when I have the key!
not all of them will go away just like that. you have to overcome them one way or another
Okay session today
Make sure you have little distractions or your meditation will be not as peaceful
I learned during my first session
That I just need to take a moment close my eyes and breath. That any stress that I feel I shouldn't keep caged up inside of me! I look forward to doing more of these sessions
What I learned...
It's okay to not be 100% okay. Difficult emotions will always be apart of life. It is okay we just need to learn how to deal with them.
I feel totally lost
I attempted to communicate with someone I love today and I did it all wrong. I'm frustrated because it feels like I am constantly making mistake after mistake with this person. I just don't know what to do.
Soften. Sooth. Allow
What a wonderful experience occurred! I felt the shame, anger, remorse, resentment but instead of fighting with the feelings I softened, then soothed and finally allowed gently more loving to myself. An experience I am going to repeat every day at least once as I go through, rather than try to avoid or lash out at this part of my path! Feel much lighter!
Trauma and Transformation
I am still learning how to heal my heart from trauma and transforming my life into a more beautiful successful story. Sometimes it is very hard to let go of the past and nightmares may haunt me but I’m a brave strong girl warrior and I will keep fighting for healing.
Guilt and shame
It's okay to feel these emotions and it's okay to live with them
Having difficult emotions
Difficult emotions and feelings are ok and are part of life it’s about learning how to deal with them.
Allowing emotions
I learned that you should allow difficult emotions to be felt but that is okay
The 3 minutes went by fast and I was surprised at how much better that actually made me feel .
Taking a few minutes to allow the emotions to be felt and taking some calming breaths really does make a difference
This is a key skill to practice
This is something I’ve been practicing, just allowing. It allowed me to cry out things that felt stuck inside of me after I quit my medication, I feel better now. Thank you :)
Nature, now, the most recent thing in the world point to me and you and I point back and say “perfect”
Difficult Emotion
I find myself with all kinds of Emotions. The most Difficult Emotions that I have Dealt with was when I knew and feel that somebody doesn't Like me. The main thing is I have done nothing wrong to them. I catch myself trying to find out why. The real thing is that there is no answer that I can provide myself. I have done nothing wrong to the person to cause that reaction. It could be even family member or members that have not excepted you. The real thing is you can't change the person that they are. Nor can they change the person that you are. The end result is everyone will go on living. be alert and basically stay clear of that person also be aware of your surroundings when the person is around. Pray for peace protection and guidance and because Dealing with that Difficult Emotion cannot control your life. If you Count your Blessings of all the Happiness you have around you.
Difficult Emotions
This meditation gave me a few minutes to calm myself and be kind to myself. I found it very useful and will practice it.
Overwhelming sadness
I am sad because I'm lonely. But I still know I deserve love. I just don't feel like I do right now. I think it's okay to feel this way for a while. It is just a feeling and it will pass.
I recognize I am panicking and worrying about finances. This meditation allowed me to breath and allow thru my tight chest
another day
I learned that it's okay to feel how I feel because at the end of the day, I will be stronger than I was a few hours ago. Allowing myself to BE strong.
Difficult emotions
meditation today allow me to remember past difficult exchanges with a close family member grateful for this app for guiding my thoughts and emotions to a better place, calming voice ease exercise steps allowing my mind to feel accepted
Learning to cope
It’s ok to have different emotions, I just need to learn how to handle them .
My fantastic dog Radar is slowly dying-and I love him with all my heart... I am dealing with tremendous grief. I cry a lot-not around him, of course, but the grief is a terribly heavy burden on me-and my heart. The breathing really helps, and I try to breathe appropriately all day... I know all dog lovers understand what I’m going through...
Anger and disappointment
I’ve been struggling with a situation involving my sister and her friends. It’s been difficult for my to cultivate how this situation was making me feel mainly because I didn’t feel like I had the right to feel anything about it. However, the disappointment is there and do is the anger and now I have recognized it.
I keep a lot of my unhappiness with situations in my stomach.
I learned that I’m exhausted from trying to maintain a clean home all the time but is necessary due to the kidney transplant and my hip suffers from a pinched nerve of sorts. I just need to ask for more help.
I learned that I am struggling with the emotions I’m feeling from my recent break up, but it’s important to allow myself to feel those emotions. I need to accept the feelings and allow my heart to soften.
Dealing with difficult emotions
I’ve been feeling very alone. I am trying to remember that I am a good person and it’s ok to be alone.
This is good...
I currently have a headache and a sore throat, so this meditation is timely. My tendency is to take medication and keep pushing forward rather than “allowing” the pain to be there and listening to my body.
Soften, Soothe, Allow
i learned that self-awareness is a major 🔑 & trying to abandon your feelings doesn’t make them go away
There are times when I'm struck with sudden grief or just plain sadness. With this, I learned that these feelings won't go away no matter how hard I wish them to. They're a part of me, and the best thing I can do is to accept them as that.
Allowing the feelings to pass
I learned that I can't let difficult emotions stop my progress or cloud my judgement. Being imperfect is okay and I have to allow myself and others to make mistakes, rather than let frustration and insecurity guide my decisions. I can move past my emotions and anxiety by using mindfulness tools to seek clarity.
Allowing feelings to be
I don't have to understand difficult emotions. I can allow them to exist and be present with them. I can show kindness to myself and empathy to my own struggle with these emotions without picking them apart and pressuring myself to know why I feel them.
Shateca McGee
That even though difficult emotions arise that I can come to myself and calm down. I can do this by thinking and letting myself rise back. And stay happy.
Good start to my day
I was laying on the floor during this meditation session, and i recognized that i had this emotion stuck on my throat. I accepted it in my mind, sort of understanding its’ presence.
When pain becomes sensations in the body
Sometimes we have pain and at the same our body is trying to protect itself, block us from fully feeling the sensations. This makes the body tense, stressed. You don’t know which way is up. It’s good to say soften, soothing, allow out loud.
Letting go
I learned that I mustn't push my emotions, but understand them with love, in order to let go.
Allow the Feelings
I learned that it’s best to acknowledge the feelings and then learn how to soothe the feelings which will help me to deal with them.
Dealing With Difficult Emotions
It is hard for me to find a difficult emotion to think of but I know there are a few. Just relaxing and concentrating on breathing helps keep me calm.
Late to my Aura session today
I forgot to do my morning meditation today! Notifications of replies on other posts brought me in, and I really could have used a lesson to help me through this nearly crippling depression I'm in! 😓 I had hoped that taking a different approach to starting my Aura time today might find me a more relevant lesson. So I started by choosing that I was feeling sad today...but this session didn't quite speak to my depressed state. I guess that's how this thing works...
Feel the pain, don't hide it
We need to feel the pain, don't hide it. Looking for a place in our body to hold, understand and relieve it.
Not to push it away just to allow it be there and to call down before my big game
I can locate stress in my body, soften into it, soothe the area, and allow what remains to be present.
Soften soothe allow
Use this to lean into insecurities and hard to process emotions or feelings
Soften, sooth, and allowing negativity. Not to judge myself for feeling certain ways but working to accept all parts of myself.
It’s ok for the feeling to be there, just learn how to recognize it and work past it.
Ive been struggling with ups and downs- trying to sit with difficult emotions. But i just came back from a hiking trip and am trying to look at things from a bit of the perspective of the hike. There are tall, high majestic peaks. Then there are low, winding, canyons. And the canyons are beautiful too- its not just the peaks. So i say to myself- there is beauty in the canyons too.
Tricky feelings
Difficult feelings can be slippery. If I try to stay with them, they tell me they’re not really there/a problem.
Difficult emotions
I know how he is feeling. I know his pain. I need to understand.
Unexpected Assignments
It is ok to feel uncertain. I am uncomfortable with the feeling/anticipation of unknown. Possibility of unexpected is tough for me. It is ok to welcome change, go with the flow, get done what I can, know that my kids are in good hands, I can start my day, and if I am needed unexpectedly, my chores can be set aside till a later time. I am grateful to be given the availability for this.
Dealing with difficult emotions.
I learned that it is okay to struggle. It’s how you deal with the struggle that effects your own emotions.
Focusing on just the breath rather than the act of breathing is a calming strategy.
Even though it started out with a lot of stress nausea, its going pretty good. Distracting myself helps a lot. I’m accepting the situation, but i still get pains and feel really bad because of it. Especially when I see her.
I learned that paying attention to and recognizing my emotions and what is causing them helps me to soften the intensity of the anxiety that is present in my chest area.
It’s okay to allow yourself to feel emotions, but it’s important to take the time and properly address and recognize what emotions you’re feeling.
I need to take a pause from the pain I feel and accept, and learn what my emotions are. Figure out what causes them and take it out of my life. Happiness comes within and pain can get in the way but if i think and take time to appreciate the happiness and block out pain I won’t feel sad anymore. I can feel free!
i learned that it isn’t healthy to push the problems away rather than dealing with them
I felt a small weight lifted off me and an ease in the tightness in my chest.. Learning to accept and live with the difficult emotions rather than trying to smother them or push them away is something I'll definitely start working on..
Here I was reminded again that I need to be nice to myself. I need to change my inner dialogue.
Desde una práctica anterior, la colocación de la Palma de la mano en el pecho de alguna manera me reconforta y sobre todo, evita ligeramente mi ansiedad. Ahora me he dado cuenta de que he aprendido poco a poco a recordar y sentir cuestiones que sé de antemano no me son cómodas y aún así las estoy trascendiendo y adaptando.
Day 3
It was easy to acknowledge the feeling but hard to make it soften. Especially as it came from a dream
Fear from childhood
I learned that I typically suffer from fear that I will come across an experience when I don’t like myself. The feelings that usually came when I was bullied as a child. This is still with me.
Dealing with difficult emotions
This session really helped me. I had just finished reading a book that triggered an emotional response I found very difficult to channel in a positive way. But after listening to this session I was able to produce the following reflection which lifted my spirits by allowing me to clarify exactly how I felt. Fear I just finished Bob Woodward’s best selling book. Since it was published back on September 11, 2018, many of the most dangerous situations it predicted have already become reality. America is in full retreat from economic sanity, commitments to our allies, the warnings from science, and most importantly from simple decency and truth. The cabinet members who had integrity, the most experienced, knowledgeable and selfless, have all abandoned their posts. We are now in one of the most dangerous periods of American history. Despite all that, I have confidence we will survive. Somehow. What really worries me is this: after he is gone we still will be stuck with the reality that at least thirty percent of the population can at any time be hypnotized into blind obedience by an incompetent, morally bankrupt charlatan, who, just like them, celebrates his own pathetic ignorance, abhors reading, research and thinking and revels in hatred. The rest of the free world is watching in horrified disbelief while our enemies are all licking their chops, sharpening their knives and smiling. But I know we will get through this. Together.
Soften, Sooth, Allow
In this meditation, we are introduced to three words that can help us when we are experiencing difficult emotions, such as anger, shame, sadness or grief. I’ve been experiencing grief for a little while now. I am moving on with my life, but sometimes a memory, a chore, or sometimes whatever comes up and it reminds me of my beautiful sunshine, Kayleigh. As I began listening, I thought of my Kayleigh and these difficult emotions engulfed me. My heart was screaming with how much I wanted her presence to be next to me, how much I wanted to see her smile and how much I wanted to hold her. Thinking of this difficult loss, my heart and mind are racing, my stomach is uneasy and my shoulders are tight. Then, I began repeating the word soften. Breathing into these areas of my body, these sensations I’m feeling began to soften a little bit. Placing a hand over my heart, I repeated the word sooth. Doing this, my heartbeat and thoughts began to slow and I began to feel the soothing touch of compassion wash over me. Finally, I repeated the word allow. As hard as it is, I allowed these emotions to ‘just be’ with me. Having wisdom that they will pass in their due time, I began to gain some comfort. These three words, soften, sooth and allow actually can be turned into a mantra we can tell ourselves to help us during any situation that we find ourselves experiencing difficult emotions. After listening, my body, mind and soul has a sense of ease. I know eventually that this pain I feel will lessen and I’ll be able to think of Kayleigh without crying and feeling sadness. Until that time comes, I will use this mantra to help me through this difficult time.
This made me feel calm. I'm usually angry and I try to hide it and thats why I get angry alot. This made mw understand when I'm angry I am allowed to feel that way and can show that I'm angry
This practice made me feel so calm. I’ve been very strew out lately because of my crazy schedule while in school. I really needed something to make me feel confident about my upcoming challenges, and this practice did just that. 😊
Soften, Soothing, Allowing
All of these words are simple but powerful they teach us that stress can be built but it can also be broken just as fast. In everyday situations especially whenever I feel myself getting stressed I’ll keep these three words in my mind; soften, soothing, and allowing
Soften, Soothe, Allow
Take a minute. Offer yourself something kind. Soften soothe and allow.
Soften soothe allow x just what I needed to say to myself x not trying to push the emotional feeling away but soften soothing and allowing myself to accept and deal with that emotion of my heart hurti
I put it all in the title ♥️ this was good for my soul to do this meditation
Soften, sooth, allow
A reminder that emotions are okay and are not meant to be pushed passed but can sit there and be noticed. And for that to be okay.
It’s not my fault
I was I. The firing line and people that were damaged and Unwell were my primary care givers The broken cannot heal others They tried to break me I want to soften sooth and allow I want to flow through the pain
Vicki Wilkinson
Dealing with difficult emotions
Accept the emotions. Work on how to soften them. Don’t fight the emotion. Accept it
I am learning to sit with my difficult thoughts and emotions. I am also learning to be ok alone. Healing is a journey.. Soften, soothe, allow… #WorkInProgress
Soften, Soothe, Allow
I love this way to deal with a difficult emotion. This process allowed me to move forward without it.
Once I recognised my feeling of grief that my Mum is dying I could soften, sense and allow them to be there feeling them in this way is helping me to start breathing it and feeling it in a better way than I have been. She is dying not me still a part of me feels like it is dying and this helped me greatly to understand a little bit more that it’s ok to feel these feelings.
Remind To Self
I learned that by allowing and reminding myself to relax, I help myself manage the stress and tension.
This did feel
really good. The idea of not forcing the feeling away but letting it pass through you gently … it is helpful.
I have lost a lot in my life, but losing this person has hurt me in ways no other pain has felt. Losing my parents and grandparents although I love them tremendously our loss was surrounded in the natural evolution of life and our love for one another still exists. Losing this person has required me to force myself not to love them and create boundaries. This loss is forbidden and painful not reaffirming. I know time will allow me to move on, but at this moment I am deeply hurting and extremely sad.