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Dealing with Anxiety - the Tip Skills

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When we are really anxious, our flight or fight response becomes active. This is what leads us to feel all the physical symptoms associated with anxiety. Learn how to switch off your fight and flight response through these three simple techniques called the TIP skills. In this session we will be exploring T for Temperature.
From the community
11 reflections
First time an Aura session has directed me to make drastic physical changes to my environment to complete the lesson. I’ll just have to keep the learning in mind when I’m better able to do what was directed with the sink or shower.
Gonna try this!
I have tried many ways to deal with anxiety. Some work, many do not have any effect. This was a surprising meditation to me and it seems to make a lot of sense. I am going to give this idea a heck of a try because if it could shorten periods of anxiety, it would surely be a Godsend. I will add a brief update one of these days to let you know if it is effective for me.
Ice pack on temples helps with headaches, so why not?
Why not try this for anxiety or stress? I have nothing to lose.
Lets go!
Why not give this a try? Willing to do whatever it takes to kick my anxiety in the ass
I learned that I can use cool water and holding my breath to activate my parasympathetic nervous system. This will help calm my anxiety and intensity of emotions.
Dr. Alicia and Dr. Kassandra... I am surprised by the critics lust
When on a mission with a fetish to do the least I can to lesson the impact on my highest reward I go as far as I can to see if there is fight worth fighting for. The best battle has a continuous drum without a victory🌹❤️
I am
Learning shit and forgetting starting over all the time after removal of left hippocampus. I am played with bad days when I am just this side of heaven. I spend so much time in wonder land then when someone wants to help I get upset because I have not learned it yet. I am looking forward to my wife showing up in my life, cuz I am to tired of bad judgments. I surrender to you Jesus amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Am getting anxious
I have exams in two months and the staffs are expecting distinction from me. I just want to clear and finish it off. But the expectations from the staffs and family is making it difficult each day. I am becoming low every passing day
Dive reflex
I learned that holding your breath whilst submerging your temples and cheek bones in cold water is great for reducing your heart rate and therefore relieving anxiety.
Dive response
I don’t think I’ve heard of this before. I’m willing to try almost anything to get on track with eating What’s right for my body and how to wind down so that there is enough sleep and rest to stay healthy.
Not sure how to do it
I'm not sure how to do the exercise without water going up my nose, impossible to hold my nose in the sink!
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