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Dealing with Anxiety - the Tip Skills

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When we are really anxious, our flight or fight response becomes active. This is what leads us to feel all the physical symptoms associated with anxiety. Learn how to switch off your fight and flight response through these three simple techniques called the TIP skills. In this session we will be exploring P for Paced Breathing.
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I don’t know if y I’m sad because I’m the one that break up with him but only because I knew that he like someone else which that mad him even more sad and stop with my feelings for him until yesterday I just started to think about him and started to cry even more 😭
Just recently I graduated college. I got my instant on in the industry I thought I wanted to be in. Found out it was to much for me and resigned. Now i have this constant overwhelming selling of being a disappointment to the ones I care about, that what I’m doing is not good enough. The last 2 and half years of running back and forth to school and work nonstop. Now that I don’t have either I feel as though I’m a huge disappointment and I’m not doing a enough or them or myself. Everyday it eels like I’m drowning and I don’t know how to get out. I have no one to talk to and I feel as though I am a burden, even though it has only been 6 months since it began.
I am in a dark place right now and I am afraid. I have tried literally everything I can to climb out of it but I still fall back and get stuck. I feel my mom giving up on me. I feel distant from my family and friends. I don’t have a lot of people I can comfortably talk about this with. I go to therapy but I feel like one therapy session a week isn’t enough. My close cousin with manic depression, my ex-boyfriend who is now my best friend, and my therapist are the only people I can really confide in yet I’m still afraid to talk to them. I don’t really know how to go about my situation because some really dark and horrible thoughts keep popping in my head.
Dealing with anxiety is something we all go through. This exercise is good for fighting it.
Getting ready for battle
Naturally, our bodies experience anxiety and we feel the flight or fight response take over. Controlled breathing and meditation helps to calm down our nerves.
I am calmer if I breathe slow and try not to think of everything that’s going on. One day at a time
Well great but
Not a lot helps me but this does help a bit I whish I knew what was bothering me
Being Better
I'm hard on myself often because I can't take steps to better my life, but I'm reminded that I am enough and to celebrate the little improvements
First session
I learnt that taking the leap of faith is important, this was my first step towards recovery and I feel neutral not great but okay.
Focus on positive thoughts
Reaching out is healing as much as the coaching is
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