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Dealing Uncertainty with Openness

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
You are stronger than you think you are. Be in touch with your inner resources and your potentials. Many people resist change yet things are constantly changing. Learn to befriend your fear and be resilient to change.
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9 reflections
Fear is an emotion
Fear is an emotion born from uncertainty. ⚡️This sentence really struck home for me and I stopped the tape just so I could capture it. Most of my fear comes not from the present but from the distant past. This just gave me a little bit more insight into my fear. Now I will continue listening.
Wise words
I definitely feel a shift after doing this. There is so much wisdom and good advice here along with positive affirmations that I know I will have to listen to this many times. Namaste
Uncertainty in the Present Moment
The present moment has been a paper refuge from the future for me in that at the present moment I am OK, and the future doesn’t exist so don’t worry. But I always knew deep down that there is a connection between now and then, and that made the meditation feel inauthentic. This meditation showed me that while in the present, I can know that there is a next moment which will be different, that the fear now is not a failure of my meditating, but not knowing how to deal with uncertainty. I was able to embrace the uncertainty in the moment and not fear the future. This was powerful for me.
A little gem
There is a lot of wisdom here and the affirmations toward the end are uplifting. I especially appreciate the fact that the presenter acknowledges that it may take time to release the fear that we carry within us. Change is a process that I work on every day. It can be discouraging because we often expect results immediately but change takes time and thats ok. I’ve learned to accept that it may in fact take several lifetimes or many lifetimes for my soul to learn it’s lessons and that’s OK. The important thing is to continue the journey with singleminded purpose. 😊🌼🌸
Stresses Leaving
I am grateful for this powerful meditation. Thank you for making me feel okay to let go of everything. I feel like he’s helping me float on a cloud.
This meditation put my mind at ease. Thoughts fell away. And when those thoughts fell away it was a place of quiet comfort and ease.
I felt calmer changing how I view uncertainty.
It's all about how you frame the things we can't control in life.
I have a lot of uncertainty and change in my life right no from so many directions. This meditation helped reframe it and made me feel calmer
I embrace each moment…
as a refuge of hope. Why did this make me cry? I feel like I don’t understand it and yet I feel it’s power.
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