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Day Twelve Meditation

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William James Davies, DCMT
Psychotherapist & Mindfulness Teacher
During this meditation for Day Twelve, we acknowledge that practice can be challenging, check in with our expectations, and explore bringing qualities of patience, trust and non-striving to the meditation practice. This is the twelfth recording in a series intended for anyone who is new to mindfulness meditations, but is also useful to people who might have struggled to engage with meditation practices in the past. Day by day you will become more familiar with different aspects of mindfulness meditations and exercises, and soon you’ll be comfortable to guide yourself in meditation, rather than just listening to recordings. Even though these meditations are presented as a sequence, you may like to repeat or return to some of the recordings, I would simply recommend that you don’t jump ahead, as you may miss some useful content.
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Day Twelve Meditation
This exercise attuned and refined the concept of mindfulness. Meditation brings me to a place not only of serenity but also of awareness of Being. A Being with thoughts, emotions, sensations and reflections.
In this day twelve meditation of the series, William discusses the importance of having patience, trust and a non-striving attitude when practicing mindfulness. With patience comes trust and with trust comes with an allowance for everything to just be as it is in the moment. In essence, when we are practicing mindfulness, we are to let go of any and all expectations and not try to change anything. Rather, we are to just observe what is happening in this moment. Settling in my chair, I began to observe the sensations of my body sitting and noticed the support that the chair was giving my body. Turning my awareness to my breath, I observed how my body was breathing all on its own. Indeed, it is quite the miracle! Each time I observed my mind wandering, I gently brought my awareness back to my breath. Deliberately turning my awareness from my breath to the sensations of my body, I observed the pressure of my feet being on the ground, I observed a warm breeze on my skin and I observed a sense of calm rising in my Being. The concept of mindfulness is quite easy. It is having the attitudes of patience, trust and non-striving that can be hard with the latter being the most difficult, as we seem to want to control our experiences in some fashion or another. However, if we adopt these attitudes, we will be able to adapt to whatever life throws our way. After all, nothing in life has to happen to us, rather we can be the observer of all that happens. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Keep going
I noticed my mind wonders off a lot today I took 1-2 days off from meditation and I notice the difference Also these days a lot of emotions are coming up so I need to take some more time to feel and digest them
Cloud of Sensations
I noticed the longer the meditation the more relaxed. Patience to not strive for focus but exist in sensing. Observing the mind sensing then wandering into conscious rational thought then gently going back w/o judgement is hard and takes practice. Observing all three: sensation, thoughts and emotions about thoughts w/o judgement is an expansive idea.
For sake
Meditation for meditation sake, don’t meditate because it’s something you have to cross off a list or to reach a certain state, just meditate
Dreaming while meditating
Today was a challenge. Meditating as I get up is hard to focus and not wander to dream like thoughts. Random things and stories.