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Day Three Meditation

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William James Davies, DCMT
Psychotherapist & Mindfulness Teacher
Gently encouraging the mind to become settled in the third recording in a series intended for anyone who is new to mindfulness meditations, but also useful to people who might have struggled to engage with meditation practices in the past. Day by day you will become more familiar with different aspects of mindfulness meditations and exercises, and soon you’ll be comfortable to guide yourself in meditation. The first three days are presented as 3 or 7-minute recordings, and after that they are mostly 10 to 15 minutes long, as that extra space is really helpful in developing your practice. Ideally, listen to each day in turn, but with some of the latter recordings, you may wish to keep returning to them in any order you choose.
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Fokus på vejrtrækningen
Jeg kunne mærke hvordan min tanke på selve vejrtrækningen flød lidt ud, efter at begynde at tælle, hvor mange vejrtrækninger jeg tog.
Daily meditation
I like how he seems so patient going through the teaching so gradually and reminding us that it’s ok if we don’t “get it “ right away, to be gentle with ourselves. I find his voice very soothing.
Cyndee 🌊
Connecting with the sensation of breath inside
Today’s practice focused on staying with breathing sensations within the body, counting while on both the inhale any exhale approved focus and kept my mind pretty much free of thought for most of the meditation. I recognized a thought that came to me toward the end of the meditation, I needed to think about it for a few seconds and recognize why that thought entered my mind and then I was able to let it go. I was fully absorbed in the breathing and will try to remember to practice periodically throughout the day. One thing I did think about in the beginning was that I wished that I was outside breathing in fresh air and exhaling old stale air.
I have a mind that often does galloping off on its own and I have found it hard to count my breath. But today this was very helpful and I did well. I feel I am progressing. I will definitely come back to this practice.
This taught me a very simple,effective method for calming and focusing my mind. I still cannot breathe normally when I examine my breath, but now I have a way to use this easily whenever and wherever I need. Thank you 🙏
I noticed that I was able it really relax when letting my thoughts go and focus on my breathing. I feel so good.
Settling the Mind
In this Day Three meditation of this 10 day series, William gives us a suggestion of how to settle down our minds while we are focusing our attention on our breath; counting. As I became aware of my breath, I counted 1 with my inhalation and exhalation and then 2 with my inhalation and exhalations day and so on and so forth up to 10. Counting my breath really helped to keep my focus on my breath and not the inevitable thoughts that seem to pop up. This was a great meditation to teach us a way to settle our minds while we meditate. As William says, as long as we can breathe, we can meditate! Namaste...❤️☮️🙏🏻😊
Walter J
Day 3 with WJD had us counting our breathes as a way to stay focused on or returning to the breathe. This seemed actually easy for me and gave enough structure to not have to consciously think about counting but allowed me to just breathe... ahh! Did the 3- min today and willbumpuoto the 10 min tomorrow. All in all another nice too to have to use when needed. Namaste & Metta ❤️🙏🏼🍀 P.S. Hope everyone had a Blessed Easter! He is Risen! 🕊
Learning meditation can be gentle and relaxing. I felt loved and supported during this session. 🙏🏼
Marques Pizarro
This session made me relaxed by surrendering to the idea that it’s okay for the mind to wonder off. When we acknowledge the mind as it is, we feel more stillness, more peace. The last few minutes of this practice, not only did I feel tranquil, I felt focused. I let my attention sit on the breathe, and it felt wonderful.
I appreciated “as long as you can breathe, you can meditate”. I can get frustrated as a beginner feeling like I’m not “good at meditating” or struggling with focusing. This helps motivate me and also that it’s not about judgement
Day 4 of series
I learned that “if you can breathe, you can meditate” and I love that because really anyone can do it, you just have to start somewhere.
Pain / sleep / time
I am learning to take care of myself. My body is recuperating from burn out and I have been feeling close to how I was feeling 2-3 years ago!!! Finally again filled with energy. But I have to take care of myself and rest and look out to get a good balance!
I learned that each breath matters and focusing on my breath made me appreciate each breath
Focusing on breathing
It’s getting easier to focus on my breathing. My mind this wanders, but it’s easier to draw it back to breathing.
Even though my mind lasted longer in retaining the attention on breaths, thoughts still came very quickly
I noticed that I can focus better when there is a calming sound, that it is easier to return my focus when thoughts pop into my mind.
I noticed
My mind still wanders when I try to focus my attention on the sensations of breathing. The guide makes it feel okay though, and I learned that that is natural; that's just the beginning. The important part is that I recognized when I was getting distracted and returned back to focus
I noticed
I am more aware of this feeling of covering attention on breathing and counting helps
Counting Breathes
I learned that counting breathes helps keep focus in the body. Also that meditation isn’t about keeping the mind from wondering, but being aware that it does and choosing to focus instead in the body and in the current moment.
It felt great to do this with a nice cool place to be and complete silence. It opens my inner self fully to the breathing.
Mind wondering
I felt that I was okay with my mind wondering and was more gentle in redirecting it back to my breath with kindness of its normalcy
I learned that
Counting breaths is very effective! Great tip and I also love the roadmapping to future exercises.
Counting breaths helped me Distracted by back pain today And by thoughts flying in
A little hit of calm
I learned that meditating is an interesting experience into the mind. How thoughts can just float in. I live trying to let them go.