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Day Thirteen Meditation

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William James Davies, DCMT
Psychotherapist & Mindfulness Teacher
On Day Thirteen, we bring our attention to pleasant aspects of our experience, including the subtlest of pleasant sensations. Not only is this a good practice to train us to notice pleasant qualities that we so often miss, and fail to treasure, but also it enables us to see the way our minds tend to grasp at pleasant experiences. This can cause us to hold on so tightly we then fail to ‘be there’ for the experience, and begin to struggle as we try to hold on to things that naturally will pass. So we can practice being present, enjoying, and letting go. This is the thirteenth recording in a series intended for anyone who is new to mindfulness meditations, but is also useful to people who might have struggled to engage with meditation practices in the past. Day by day you will become more familiar with different aspects of mindfulness meditations and exercises, and soon you’ll be comfortable to guide yourself in meditation, rather than just listening to recordings. Even though these meditations are presented as a sequence, you may like to repeat or return to some of the recordings, I would simply recommend that you don’t jump ahead, as you may miss some useful content.
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Let Go and Let Be
In every moment of our lives, we experience the present moment. These present moments can be categorized as either pleasant, not pleasant or neutral. When our present moment consist of pleasant experiences, we can tend to want to cling to them. By clinging, we can introduce a sense of longing for the pleasant experience to last longer than it does. Everything from the sensations in our body, to our thoughts, emotions, feelings, to even the weather change with each passing moment. In this day thirteen of the series, William introduces us to the concept of letting go and letting be with our experiences, regardless of what they consist of. Sitting in my chair, I began aware of my breath and took notice of how it felt to just breath in this body. Then, I opened my awareness to the sensations in my body. Feeling gravity take over my body, I felt supported in my chair. Feeling my heartbeat pulsate throughout my body, I felt calm, yet a sense of aliveness. Then, I opened my awareness to hearing sounds in my surroundings. Hearing sounds in my surroundings, I took note of the pleasant, not so pleasant sounds and neutral sounds. As with the sensations I felt in my body, I tried my best to not cling onto just the pleasant sounds I heard, but rather allow all sounds to come and go as they naturally do. In this way, this meditation taught me the importance of letting go and letting be. When we are in the present moment, we experience our life. There will be pleasant times, not so pleasant times and neutral times. Regardless of what these times consist of, they will pass. To go with the flow of life, we must learn to not hold onto any one moment for longer than it exists. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Pleasant moments
I learned that you can guide yourself to soften a sensation, experience it as pleasant, and then let it go.
Marques Pizarro
Experiencing the moment
I learned that we can overlook sensations and moments that are pleasant to us. We can also take for granted things that bring joy, such as birds chirping, the breathe, or the soft cushions and chairs we sit on. My awareness has expanded to enjoying, savoring what today has in store.
Pleasant feelings
I learned that you can choose what to focus on and enjoying the sensation no matter if other unpleasant feelings are there That makes me more flexible and relaxed to include other people and environment not as enemy to my peace
Ice cream
Solid climb, ice cream after, working on notches and rigging
6:30, driving and in drive way. Thinking about WF, choices, paths, breathing but not focused on the breath