Sensations of Walking
In this interesting day ten meditation, William guides us into having a beginners mind in regards to walking. Following William’s guidance, I stood and noticed the sensations in my body. Doing this, I became in tune with the micro movements my body was displaying. Putting my right foot one step forward, I noticed how the weight of my body shifted to this foot. Then, I lifted up my left foot up into the air and felt how the sensations in my body changed by trying to balance myself on one foot. Placing my left foot down in front of my right and lifting up my right foot into the air, I noticed how the sensations of my body changed with trying to balance myself on one foot. Beginning to slowly walk, I noticed sensations in my feet, from my heels to my toes. With each step, I noticed how my toes assisted with lifting my feet off the ground. Beginning to walk my normal pace, I noticed how the sensations in my feet changed and began noticing more of the sensations in my ankles, my torso and in the muscles in my lower back. I also noticed in how my opposite arm of the foot I was standing on at the moment, would move slightly forward and backwards. Since walking can be something that we usually do in auto-pilot, I am happy to have had this opportunity to be in a beginners mind mentality to realize and become fully aware of the sensations of walking. Namaste...❤️☮️🙏🏻😊