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Day One Meditation

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William James Davies, DCMT
Psychotherapist & Mindfulness Teacher
The first in a series of meditation recordings intended for anyone who is new to mindfulness meditations, but also useful to people who might have struggled to engage with meditation practices in the past.  Day by day you will become more familiar with different aspects of mindfulness meditations and exercises, and soon you’ll be comfortable to guide yourself in meditation, rather than just listening to recordings. The first three days are presented as 3 or 7-minute recordings, and after that they are mostly 10 to 15 minutes long, as that extra space is really helpful in developing your practice. Ideally, listen to each day in turn, but with some of the latter recordings, you may wish to keep returning to them in any order you choose. 
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Walter J
The Beginning...
Excellent for the beginner and helpful for the novice. He shares some great techniques while giving you a chance to ride along and get some experience. Loved following my breath in thru my nostrils and sliding down into my lungs and then being blown out in the windstorm of an exhale. Gave some nice pauses to get into also. Overall what a great idea to create some beginner ones to recommend. Good job Aura!!
Cyndee 🌊
Gentle reminder
First meditation nice and easy, a gentle reminder to just focus on breath and where you feel it, followed by natural breathing. A reminder to not let your mind stray but that it’s OK if it does. I feel very calm and relaxed right now and I’m looking forward to continuing the series. 🙏
Day one meditation
As soon as I focus on my breathing it becomes more difficult, as if I have a mild case of asthma. Also, my mind wanders a LOT!😏
Day One Meditation
Staying focused on my breath is challenging yet rewarding. My mind was wondering a bit and enjoying the sounds of the waves in the background. 🙏🏻
Day one reflection
Great job providing an easy to follow introduction meditation. 🙏🏼🕉
One breath at a time
This was a very helpful reminder. I have been practicing mindfulness with daily meditations for a little over two years. I am still not sure I understand what it is all about and I don’t know if I am making any progress - but I will keep going, one breath at a time, and hopefully I will understand all of this better and have some clarity at some point.
This is Day One of a series of meditations that help us become more proficient in our meditation practice. It is a wonderful meditation for anyone new to the concept of mindfulness or a gentle reminder to anyone who has been practicing mindfulness for awhile now. By becoming aware of my breath, my body and mind became still and calm. When thoughts arose, as they naturally do from time to time, I recognized them without judgement, and gently put my focus back on my breath. It feels great to ‘just be’ with my breath, in the Here and Now! Even though I have been practicing mindfulness for almost ten months now, I am grateful for this gentle reminder of how to use my breath to practice mindfulness! I look forward to the next meditation in this series! Namaste...❤️☮️🙏🏻😊
Day One Meditation
Even though today is not my first day of meditation, it was my first meditation of today! It was nice to be reminded that meditation is not the lack of thoughts but it is the practice if having a thought but not becoming caught up in that thought
Thoughts are like magnets...
You just get drawn in so easily! And then all of a sudden catch yourself on a tangent of thoughts..
Walter J
He does a great job leading us thru preparing for and into this meditation. Good instructions for just trying to focus on the breathe at first as an anchor of sorts and then just notice the breath by following it and seeing where it shows up. By the end I was able to ride the airwaves in through my nostrils, down my windpipe and into my lungs where I swirled around and then came flying out on my exhale... very trippy indeed. But it felt great, relaxed, clean and now I feel energized. Thanks for a fun “first” session. 💚👍🏼🍀
Release control
Very enlightening to think about controlling my breath, then releasing that control to observe that it still works on its own. Another thing we influence rather than control in this life. Namaste
Walter J
I noticed I was able to focus on my breathe easier when I took bigger/deeper breathes. My mind had many thoughts early on that I mentally stood back to try and observe. I could feel my breathe in my nostrils. Then he gave some more instructions and I was able to slow down the number of thoughts and focus on my breathe that seemed to be in my chest area. Some final instructions and now ... only sensed energy moving across the back of my so-called throat area... it seemed like all labels were gone, ‘I’ ( my ego) was not noticeable, a blank screen was there and the breathing was happening on its own. So I guess I am ready for day 2...!? Namaste ❤️☮️🍀
Liesel :)
Remove Distractions
I was able to focus more on the meditation when I visualized my mind as a black void and distractions as popping up within it. You can just imagine gently guiding them away with your hands.
Something so simple can be difficult
How simple the idea of focusing on breathing...but so difficult. But the guided meditation beings my focus back. No judgement. I feel calmer and more set to have a great day.
We do it our whole life yet take it for granted. The simplest way to to come back to ourselves yet the hardest ti do.
Does yawning count as breath? ;)
Meditation is literally a practice. “Are my yawns breath?” led to thoughts about planning my title for this entry, which led my brain to also start pondering other air-like things such as gas, and if they could be meditated on as breath, and so on and so forth. Focusing on Laughing as my breath is meditation right?! Each time my thoughts went deeper in the side tangent, I *practiced* drawing them back. I think if I continue to flex this muscle, I can build on it. I’m happy to have found a beginners course for us noobs.
Sunday, Oct 11, 2020 Day 1 Meditation
I’m easily distracted. My mind wants to go to the beautiful details in the room and how my cat feels so soft. Constant attention to my breath feels somewhat boring most of the time.
I easily begin to think about others and abstract reality. The guidance helps.
Something that seems so simple, focusing on breathing, turned out to be so difficult. My mind wanders to other thoughts so easily.
May just be the right practice for me. I’m rested overall and feeling quite well
It's always great to start from the beginning and anchor your knowledge. I enjoyed this practice.
Day 1
I can calm myself down through meditation and mindfulness. I felt very frustrated and angry but have found this soothing. Keep going
This was wonderful for bringing my focus back to my breath. In and out up and down very encouraging and very relaxing.
Helped me not have my mind wonder on the upcoming day. Enjoyed the calmness.
I felt in in touch with myself for a change
I learned that meditation is not as easy as it looks and that it made me feel more positive inside
Peaceful and relaxed
Practicing meditation in the morning helps me to start my day off right. Im hoping this series can help me stick to the habit.
Meditating again
I have tried meditation on and off. Its always a good experiencd to be able to make time to practice. This time I am going to try my best to be consistent because I know that I will benefit from this.
I keep trying to be consistent with meditating but it never lasts to long. I get impatient and anxious and just give up.
First meditation
Thoughts and distractions are natural. Notice them, acknowledge them and let them pass. Then get back to concentrating on breath