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Day Fourteen Meditation

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William James Davies, DCMT
Psychotherapist & Mindfulness Teacher
In this meditation for Day Fourteen we explore ways of approaching a difficulty within the practice, in particular, working with the attitudes of acceptance and letting be. It’s really important to treat this as an experiment, with no expectations, and also as a learning exercise, and therefore not to take too big a step. Please don’t attempt to approach a major difficulty in your life, as this could be overwhelming without first establishing the skill and ability to contain the feelings generated. During the practice we explore how this difficulty is reflected in the body, and use the breath to help us with this process. This is the fourteenth recording in a series intended for anyone who is new to mindfulness meditations, but is also useful to people who might have struggled to engage with meditation practices in the past. Even though these meditations are presented as a sequence, you may like to repeat or return to some of the recordings, I would simply recommend that you don’t jump ahead, as you may miss some useful content.
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Building Resiliency
It takes a lot of energy to ignore something that wants our attention. Imagine putting a beach ball underwater. At first it is pretty easy, but the longer we hold it underwater, the more force it takes to keep it underwater. Eventually, it becomes to be too much and the ball explodes out of the water. Because experiencing sensations in the body that accompany difficulties can be a taunting task, a lot of us immediately want to hide them out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Wrong! Not allowing them to be present causes the pressure within them to build. Much like the beach ball being held underwater, these sensations will be forced out eventually and usually at the expense of an innocent bystander. In this day 14 meditation, William has us think of a minor difficulty we’ve experienced either in our life now or in our past, and allow the accompanying sensations to be. By utilizing a metta tool, we allow the sensations to be until they fade. This is the building blocks of resiliency to difficulties and their accompanying sensations. Sitting in an upright position, I brought my awareness to my breath. Then I began to incorporate feeling sensations in and on my body along with my awareness on my breath. After a short time of feeling the breath and sensations in and on my body, I introduced a minor difficulty into my awareness that I had recently. Immediately, I felt my heartbeat shoot up and a tightness in my stomach. While sitting with these sensations, I began to breathe into and from these areas. Bringing my imagination into the mix, I visualized light going in and compassion going out with each breath. Allowing these sensations to just be while breathing, my heartbeat began to slow and my stomach softened. Eventually, the sensations subsided and I began to smile to myself. I am building resiliency for my future self. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Pain as focus
I learned that paying attention to the pain in the gum that is trying to heal itself, I was thinking as annoying pain that I wanted to go away Instead I realized that it is working hard to do it’s job to get back to healthy state Perhaps I could send Gratitude and Trust to the pin instead of sending negative energy
Mindful of snall challenge
I learned that staying in the moment using breathing and all sensations can be directed to addressing a challenge. Smiling helps. Really it does.
I noticed a black hole that drains energy and confidence appeared in the belly when focusing on the event Though it did not go away I had feeling to directly talk to that person about the event rather than keeping it in myself Because it is causing me to distrust the whole group
Friday morning, thoughts bounced around; camp, sex, climbing, Focus on the practice