Riding the Waves
In this Day 15 meditation, we continue to expand our mindfulness practice by bringing a curious awareness and accepting attitude to the Now. As we ride the waves of our breath, we take a few moments to check in with our mind to see where our attention has been. If our mind has wandered, which it inevitably will, we acknowledge this with a kind gesture rather than being critical. Then, we get back on our surfboard and begin to ride the waves of our breath again. Getting comfortable, I became aware of my posture and made some quick adjustments, becoming more comfortable for my upcoming meditation practice. Dropping into my body, I noticed what it felt to sit on this padded cushion. Picking up my surfboard, I began to ride the waves of my breath. Every once in a while, I noticed my mind being high jacked by thoughts other than the task at hand and I would fall off my board. Because waves are the constant companion of the ocean, I quickly got back up on my board and began to ride the next wave coming in. As time went on, I was able to ride the waves of my breath without falling as often. This was the direct result of my awareness remaining more on the task at hand than random thoughts interfering. With dedication and a kind attitude, we can and will become quite efficient in riding the waves of our breath. Because we are more efficient in riding the waves, we soon obtain the ability to focus more on other tasks as well without many distractions. Having more focus on the task at hand, we remain in the Now. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️