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Day Eleven Meditation

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William James Davies, DCMT
Psychotherapist & Mindfulness Teacher
On Day Eleven we continue to explore the attitudinal foundations of mindfulness, with a light focus on the attitudes of non-judging, non-reactivity, and non-elaboration within a sitting meditation. This is the eleventh recording in a series intended for anyone who is new to mindfulness meditations, but is also useful to people who might have struggled to engage with meditation practices in the past. Day by day you will become more familiar with different aspects of mindfulness meditations and exercises, and soon you’ll be comfortable to guide yourself in meditation, rather than just listening to recordings. Even though these meditations are presented as a sequence, you may wish to repeat or return to some of the recordings, I would simply recommend that you don’t jump ahead, as you may miss some useful content.
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Hearing Sounds
Just as with our thoughts, experiences, sensations, emotions and feelings, sounds arise, last a while and then are gone. In this day eleven of the series, William has us focus on sounds in our surroundings in a non-judging, non-elaborating and non-reacting way. Sitting in my chair, I began to notice sounds in my surroundings. While I was able to have a non-judging and non-reacting frame of mind, having a non-elaborating frame of mind proved to be very hard for me, as my mind would begin to make mental stories and images of the sounds I heard. Once I noticed that I was thinking about the sounds instead of just allowing the sounds to be, I would the process all over again. After a while, I was able to hear the sounds within the sounds and it was in this moment where I found that hearing and allowing sounds to just be can help me to just go with the flow of life in a non-judging, non-elaborating and non-reacting way. This meditation was all about the acknowledgment, allowance and acceptance of sounds that we hear in our surroundings. Indeed, if we can learn to just be with sounds in a non-judging, non-elaborating and non-reacting way, we can apply that learning to other areas in our lives. It is in this way that we can go with the flow of life more easily. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome, nice!!!!!!!!!!!! Aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome, nice!!!!!!!!!!!!
Focusing on the sound
I noticed I went into more subtle awareness when keeping the attention on the wholeness of the sound I thought it is difficult to focus on the sound when only my heater is the source of the sound
Sound awareness
I noticed that my thoughts wandered more trying to focus on sound rather than touch. Needs more practice…
Route setting
Lots of sounds, mind wandered, in the cc. Focus and practice breathing