A Moment in Time
We’ve all heard things we don’t care to hear. No, I’m not talking about babies screaming, I’m talking about stories, the inner dialogue self talk that is often quite disturbing. These stories are just that, stories. They do Not define who we are. How do we know this? Try this little experiment right now. Repeat the word trouble over and over again. Sense how that word lands for you in your body. Now, repeat the word kindness over and over again. Again, sense how this word lands for you in your body. Notice any difference? If you did, there is your proof. All words create a storyline. Depending upon which words are used, the story can be good or can be detrimental. So, with this awareness comes freedom of choice. We can choose to either listen or we can choose to ignore. Or we can choose to dig a little deeper and find out where those words actually came from in the first place. Those words that have become your inner dialogue didn’t originate in you. You heard them somewhere along your journey through life. Knowing this, we realize our own individual power! This moment in time, let’s choose to rise above all the noise, spread our wings and soar! Soar as if nobody is watching, soar as if our own life depended upon it. Because in reality, it does. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️