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Dance With the Mother Goddess

11 Min
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Katie Krimitsos
Creator, Women's Meditation Network
Today’s morning meditation will give you the chance to dance with the Mother Goddess, the spiritual embodiment of feminine energy, who we can lean on when we need guidance, support, and nourishment.
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3 reflections
Just wow
This was an amazing experience. We met in a forest, she reached her hand out to me and as soon as we touched I felt the love surge in my body, I became super light and she took me to a beautiful waterfall where we flowed and danced around it. I took the deepest breath I have in a very long time. I opened my eyes after and saw this pink orb in front of me and beautiful cleansing tears washed out of my eyes. Thank you for guiding this beautiful mediation. Namaste beautiful ❤️
I am embraced by the divine goddess, my heart is glad and my burdens are laid down so that I am free to dance, free to express myself, and free to be authentic. I am grateful for my gifts, and the opportunity to use them to bless others and receive blessings as well.
The veil was lifted…
… life seems less foggy now. I fee I’ve almost come online again, rather than being in idle mode. I love this feeling, I’m gonna hold onto it the rest of the day.