We are our own worst critic. Our minds are wired towards the negativity bias which is why we tend to focus on our flaws instead of our strengths. Reciting positive affirmations on a daily basis is one way we can rewire our mind to focus on our positive traits. How would I describe myself to another person? As I reflect on this question while focusing on my breath, many positive attributes came to mind. I am kind, loyal, generous, good listener, honest, and a hard worker. While reciting these positive qualities I possess, my inner light is beginning to shine with feelings of positive energy radiating through me. I am smiling. What have I done well lately? As I reflect on this question while focusing on my breath, I have done well with getting my health back on track. My body is healing from an unexpected surgery. I also have adrenal fatigue syndrome. With the guidance of a hormone specialist, I am starting to feel more like myself again. My intention for the day will be to focus on what I have done well. To not let factors of the outside world take my inner peace away from me. To keep my inner light shining bright. Today will be a good day that will flow with peace and ease.