Morning ritual
The visualization involves watching the sun rise. From your favorite place to be. I was in a fluffy robe, my favorite slippers, and a hot cup of coffee. Sitting on a porch with trees all around. Also walking on a nature trail and breathing in that fresh morning air. I could see the sun peek out, and hear the leaves on the trees gently moving. The cool air touching my face. The sun turns to a deep orange allowing me to begin seeing my surroundings. Nature is so beautiful. Inviting. Wondrous. The birds are happily playing and singing. A smile comes to my face as I savor these moments. I'm thankful. I'm taking some deep breaths to nourish my body. This brings inner knowing of just how special this is. Gratitude for these gifts. As the meditation comes to a close, I'm excited for my day ahead. I have a clear mind. I connected with spirit during this session. I'm filled with light and love. May you all have a truly amazing day.