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Curiosity of Breath

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This guided meditation invites the listener to get curious about the breath, and approach sensing the breath as if it is a completely new experience.
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8 reflections
Calming, simple & soothing 👍
Three minutes of sensing my breathing as if it were the first time helped me stay focused. It was very calming, simple and soothing. Nice for first or last meditation of the day. Thanks 🙏 Aura
Couldn’t get easier
This simple breath meditation couldn’t get easier! A good one when you are feeling time constrictions or struggling with focus. 🙏💫🙏
Curiosity of Breath
I call my breath more of a wonder than a curiosity! I am breathing, I am alive! And I am grateful!🙏🏻
Curiousity of the breath
In today’s lesson I learned to be grateful and not complain about my life. I’m alive and I’m healthy. Life is a precious thing always be grateful for everything and be kind to one another. Always remember there are people in this world who have harder lives then us. I’m happy and grateful which are two of the best gifts life can give
Receptors - open!
Ready to seek out the new day, with its wonders and challenges. Namaste.
Curiosity of Beeath
You can be curious about something you have been doing your entire life! It brings a new outlook.
Beginner’s Mindset
Amazing that what we breath in is different from what we breath out. Our body changes it somehow from oxygen to carbon dioxide - wow. Can I feel the difference between what I breath in versus what I breath out? Namaste
Thinking about my breath…
I’m mostly experiencing my breath right under my diaphragm. I am guessing that it’s connected to my ever-present colitis because when I’m in pain, it feels like a seatbelt. I’m very aware of my breath when that’s going on. I’m so tired and I’m honestly trying to get my habits done, but it’s really that hard. I’m trying to implement everything I learn from The Fabulous, but it’s hard to stay on track, not because of lost motivation, even, but because of the feeling of always wanting to be asleep. It’s really pervasive.
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